The Comics Country: Japan (Interesting Facts about Japan #3)

You may know that Japan is very famous for its comic books (manga) and anime. Many people get interested in Japan because of these two things.

But do you know the amount of manga that is sold in Japan every year?

Before I tell you the answer, I want to slightly change the subject to… toilet paper. “Why?” you may ask. Well, you’ll just have to see…

The number of toilet paper rolls in Japan is more than the 126.8 million population of Japan. Thousands and thousands of new rolls are being produced everyday.

What am I getting at? Despite there being so many rolls of toilet paper with so many people to use them, more paper is used for manga than toilet paper.

Two billion manga are sold every year and an average of 200 billion yen (about 2 billion USD) is spent on manga per year.

Manga is very popular in Japan, and many people are seen reading them as they ride on trains, on their phones while eating, and even while walking! It is also very popular among tourists, and many come to the Manga Museum in Kyoto to learn about, and read manga:

The Manga Museum, located in Kyoto.

Visitors, choosing from the many mangas stacked up on shelves.
There is even a place where visitors can read while relaxing outside.

The museum contains 50,000 volumes of mangas and 300,000 items incorporating historical materials such as caricatures from the Mid-Edo period, magazines from the Meiji period, and post-war rental books, as well as current popular works of manga and publications from abroad. 200 meters of bookshelves line the walls. I have actually been there three times!

Manga is also a big part of Japanese culture, and there are many buildings called Manga Cafes where people can read mangas all day!

Sadly though, the majority of mangas are inappropriate ones, often defiling God’s most precious creation- people. Though there are good mangas out there, but be careful when choosing one, because you never know what is in it.

You can visit the Manga Museum website here:

6 thoughts on “The Comics Country: Japan (Interesting Facts about Japan #3)

  1. I’ve read a few mangas. The best and cleanest is Akage no Anne trilogy consisting of Akage no Anne, Anne no Seishun, and Anne no Aijou. An almost 1-1 representation of the Anne of Green Gables Books, at least the first.

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