Four Super-Delicious Japanese Foods that Sound Horrible in English

Has anyone from Japan (friend, family, etc.) recommended a Japanese food to you – that sounded, well… gross? Have you had an experience where you ate that food, and it was absolutely delectable?

Well, whether if you have or haven’t, here are four gross sounding foods that you shouldn’t miss out on eating!

1 Green Tea Ice cream

Now, if you’re like most people, you’ll probably be like, “Ice cream! Yeah, I like ice cream, but tea-flavored ice cream? Tea and ice-cream? No, thanks.”

Now, if green tea ice cream really tasted like the actual green tea, I probably wouldn’t try it either!

The makers of this kind of ice-cream knew that, apparently, because they mixed A LOT of sugar into it. The green tea ice-cream Japanese people know today is sweet and luscious, with the pleasant aroma and taste of the green tea.

(By the way, I ate a green tea ice-cream cup just today!)

2. Dried Seaweed

Eww! Yuck! No thanks!

Now, which person reading thinks that sounds really good? No? No one? Oh, okay… I was expecting that.

But really, if I forced some into your mouth (though I wouldn’t do that), you would change your mind, I’m sure of it.

Dried seaweed has a crisp texture and a delicious salty flavor, and is VERY healthy. Though too much of it isn’t good for you, a regular amount is very healthy. says, “Sprinkling some dried seaweed on your food not only adds taste, texture and flavor to your meal, but it’s an easy way to boost your intake of vitamins and minerals.”

Don’t get fooled by the name! Wrapping dried seaweed on sushi makes it taste better, so for sushi lovers, I highly recommend this as well.

I think the English word “weed” tends to destroy the curiosity of many!

3. Yaki Niku (“niku” meaning meat)

Can’t you admit it sounds like Yucky Niku?

So, if you read my interview post that was posted a week ago, you already know what yaki niku is.

But for the first-time viewers, I’ll explain briefly what it is: Yaki niku is Japanese thin-sliced meat, grilled and spiced, eaten with a thick, salty-sweet sauce.


4. Soybean Powder with Pounded Rice and Sweet Bean Paste

This is by far the grossest sounding Japanese food, if you aren’t a bean lover.

Soybean Powder with Pounded Rice and Sweet Beans is a Japanese desert, commonly eaten with tea. In Japanese, it is Kinako Bota Mochi.

Actually, the soybean powder is just as sweet as the sweet bean paste. It just adds an extra flavoring to the pounded rice (mochi) and the sweet bean paste inside.

I couldn’t find an image for this food, but if I do, I’ll be sure to show it to you! It looks really good.

There is even a candy that has this flavor. My dad loves it!

So, which one of these foods sounded the grossest? And which description sounded delicious? Please comment below.

I’m telling you, there are many more repulsive sounding Japanese food names, but don’t get fooled by them! (Except for natto, that is, which will be explained in the next post)

Anyway, 😅 God bless and have a good day!

11 thoughts on “Four Super-Delicious Japanese Foods that Sound Horrible in English

  1. Yaki Niku sounds so yummy! I probably wouldn’t be afraid to try any of these, thought soybean powder seems like an odd thing to have for dessert. 😛 Are there any Japanese foods you would NOT recommend?


    1. Um… let’s see … not anything I can think of right now, but there’s a thing called natto (mentioned in the post), and I really like it, but most people think it’s gross.


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