Update Post #1

So, a couple things have been going on lately in Japan, so I’ll tell you some, as well as give you updates on my life! (By the way, these kinds of posts will be posted once in two months)


#1 Tsuyu just Started

The first rainy day of June just past, and my headaches are coming back! *groans* Just looking at the weather forecast, and my head hurts. Rainy day after rainy day after rainy day.

#2 A little late to say, but … The First Month of “Reiwa” has Past

As you know if you read my post about the long vacation, a new era, “Reiwa” begun in the 1st of March. In Japan, we use two dating systems, the BC/BCE and AD/ACE dating system (currently 2019), and an original dating system that counts how many years the current emperor has been emperor (currently Reiwa 1).

Oh, and bonus fact on this bonus post: Some places sell air from the last era. So … for me I don’t care if the era changed, but for some people, it is a very big deal.

My Life

I just hit 100 pages on the novel I am working on called Fear of the Enemy. It is a very big accomplishment for me, and I hope to finish the whole book by the middle of next month.

Plans to go to the prefecture of Hokkaido have been set and we are ready to go on the middle of July. I will be posting not as frequently during these times (one month), but you can expect I nice, long post about my trips there after I come back.

Also, a prayer request: I have a friend who believes pretty strongly about evolution, and I meet with him once a week. Some times I get chances to tell him about God, others I don’t. Pray for his heart and that God will work in him!


Anyway, comment if you have any questions or thoughts, but for now, bye and God bless!!

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