The Faith of a Boy in Japan

On July 14th, I am going to get baptized at my church, Kyoto International Chapel. Being baptized means that I became a Christian, and I want to show that to everyone who watches.

Being a missionary kid, I have been hearing about Jesus almost everyday, witnessing my dad talking to non-Christian friends about Him and His love. Being that long in the pool of Christian knowledge, many would think I would’ve come to faith a while before.

Actually, it wasn’t that easy, for me. Most of my friends are non-believers. It feels somewhat awkward to be a MK (missionary kid) in the midst of them.

I also had another problem, but I think it would be easier just for me to share with you my testimony. So, without further ado, here it is:

  “Life is meaningless. It’s a continuous cycle.” This what I thought about three years ago, as a nine-year-old. 

  Jesus to me was like a person in a far-away land. The people in Bible times could talk to him; I couldn’t. He was not part of my life. To be honest, I didn’t even know why he died on the cross!

  Then one day, I was unkind to my little brother. My father told me to go to my room and pray for forgiveness. 

“Ten minutes,” he had said. 

 Grumbling, I went to my “room”, which was one of the loft beds that are in my house. I began to pray for forgiveness. But … after about 3 minutes, I couldn’t think of a thing to apologize for!

So I just started praying about things I was thankful for. My house, my family, my friends, a bed to sleep in, a computer, the church, and so on. One of the last things on my short list of things I was thankful for, was Jesus dying on the cross for my sins. 

Then, as if a cloth on my eyes was taken away, I suddenly realized how thankful I was for that. I hadn’t been treating my brother and sister well, even though they are precious creations of God. Other times I wasn’t respecting my parents or other authority, and I hadn’t even really apologized to God or anyone else for either of those sins, but God still loved me!

I started to see how those things were wrong in God’s sight.

 And Jesus had chosen me, a person that needs forgiveness. God’s Holy Spirit worked in me that day and helped me realize that I had sinned against Him.

And it wasn’t like Jesus died for everyone as a whole. He died for everyone personally as individuals. 

Because Jesus, God’s son has died for me, and He cared for me, my life had a meaning. 

And that meaning is to live for Christ and love like Him.

In the Bible, it says this: For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

To think He gave all that love to ME!

At that moment, I gave Him my life and asked him to be my Lord and Savior. I turned to Him and said sorry for my sins.

Since becoming a Christian, I am able to live with great joy because he cares for my life. 

I can treat my siblings as the precious creations they are, and when I study or help around the house, I can do it with an obedient heart because I know that I am living for God.

Also, I began to want to love others with the love he gave to me.

I wanted to share my faith with others as well.

Of course, my life hasn’t become perfect and I myself haven’t become perfect, but God has clearly changed me; and he’s still changing me! 

When I do sin, though, I still ask God for forgiveness. 

Now, to those who are listening [reading] and haven’t found that love in Christ, that meaning to live, I encourage you to find out that love by looking in the Bible. 

That is where I found meaning in life, and am able to be happy to know that he loves me.

I am very excited to get baptized, and for my non-Christian friends and family who are going to come listen to my testimony. I have made a post explaining how low the percentage of Christians are in Japan: Only 1% of them. For people to come to my baptism is a great start for them to hopefully get interested in Christianity and in Jesus’ love.

The friend I requested for you to pray for a little while ago is also going to be coming, so prayers would be helpful!

Bye, and God bless!

13 thoughts on “The Faith of a Boy in Japan

  1. That’s such a good testimony, Noah! So encouraging. I’m sure you’re being a light to the people who don’t know Jesus. Keep up the good work, friend! Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Wow, this is so inspiring. Keep standing, Noah! You are amazing! You are truly living for Jesus and loving His people. I’ll be praying for that friend of yours. I lived hearing your testimony. It’s incredible, and even at that age!! Ecclesiastes 12:1 Amen!

    Liked by 1 person

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