Interview #2 ~From the Perspective of my Mom~

Welcome to my second interview, this time with my mom. She was born in a prefecture right next to Kyoto, called Osaka. She went to an international school in Kyoto for college and there she met my dad. Now she teaches and cares for me and my siblings!

Q1: What is your favorite part of Japan?

 A1: The food is delicious, with many different kinds and flavors. It is clean almost everywhere you go and there is a lot of very beautiful nature. 

Q2: After living in Japan for a long time, you went to America for the first time. Were there things that you liked or that you disliked there? 

A2: Things that I liked: 

Though in Japan, people are so serious in their work, in America even policemen and staff at the airport are friendly and tell jokes.

Things that I didn’t like: 

Because I was there for only a few months, I didn’t have any big complaints. but if I were to live there, medical costs, the insurance system, and public safety are very different from Japan and might be difficult things for me.

Q3: Do you have any advice for newcomers to Japan?

Most Japanese are polite (at least on the outside), and they value the rules and manners. People don’t like people that are loud in public places or at night. If you want everyone to have a pleasant and undisturbed time, this is an important thing to keep in mind when traveling to Japan. 

Secondly, As you may know, Japan is famous for its earthquakes. The buildings are made to withstand a certain strength of an earthquake. 

Because of this, I think, even if there is an earthquake, the possibility of the building collapsing is small compared to other countries.  What’s most important is not to panic but act calmly. 

Also, if there is an earthquake in some places, it is hard to get information in languages other than Japanese. It might be good to download translating apps or look up places to evacuate.

Q4: What are some places that you recommend first-time visitors to go to?

A4. If you like nature: Hokkaido, Tottori, or Nagano

If you like Japanese technology and fashion: Tokyo

If you like ancient Japanese history, culture, and traditions: Kyoto, Nara, or Nagasaki.

Q5: Do you know an amazing fact about Japan?

Even though it is a very small country, it is the third in the world in finance, and has excellent art, culture, and technology.

Bonus Question: What do you think about natto (fermented soybeans)?

Though I know it is healthy, I don’t prefer it because of the smell. It’s the only food I don’t like.

I hope you enjoyed my mom’s comments about Japan!

Now for the last trip update!!!

As we counted down the days until we would get back to Kyoto, we went to a place called the Shiokari Pass, where a Christian man gave his life to stop a train from crashing down a steep hill, saving many lives. The story was moving to me when I first heard about it and has continued to inspire many people in Japan and around the world. If you get the chance, I recommend you read the novel (Shiokari Pass)!

Remember the zoo that we went to last week? Well, we went there again the next day, and spent most of the day there, observing the animals. Though we had already been there, the time at the zoo was pleasant and exciting. It was a good last memory of Hokkaido.

The following day was off to the ferry to go back! After a few hours in the car, we got to the port and got into the ship!

40 hours later, on the 24th (today for me), we got to mainland, Japan and drove a couple hours to our home!

After all those days of traveling and having fun, there is definitely no place like home!

So, what did you think of our trip? I sure enjoyed it and enjoyed writing the trip updates for you. It would be nice if we could go there again, only maybe not one whole month this time!

That’s it for this week! Bye, and as usual, God bless!

9 thoughts on “Interview #2 ~From the Perspective of my Mom~

  1. Thanks for a fun & interesting update. Your family vacation sounds amazing & great you all saw some interesting sights. Good interview with your mom. Have a great school year.


  2. Noah, It was fun reading your blog with the interview of your mom. I did buy the book, “Shiokari Pass” by Ayako Miura. It has been translated by Bill and Sheila Fearnehough so I can read it in English. Love you, Grandma


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