The Miracle of Our House

We moved into the house that we live in now about three years ago. But my family had been thinking about moving out of our little apartment building for a long time before. The reason was for ministry. It was hard to fit in many people for parties, and when parties did occur, we were all scrunched together. The children that came also barely had places to play, except the small room that me and my brother slept in, which was more than half occupied by our bunk beds.

But let’s fast-forward to the now. We have a spacious house, able to welcome many people, with a large place that the kids can play freely in. How did this all come to be?

Five years ago, we were looking around in different places where we could built our house, but none of them seemed to be just the fit. Some were too expensive, some small, some houses that we would need to reform.

It was one day when we were praying that we could find land or a house, that we got a phone call. We didn’t answer it, of course, because we were praying, but when we checked it later, it was a suggestion for some land. It was a place we could see out the window!

My dad went to look at it one day. The shape of the land was like a bus; long and thin. He decided that he would buy it if the price was about the price that he had chosen.

He later talked with the landowner. And guess what? The landowner lowered it to half price!

We jumped on it and, after talking about how the house would look, we watched as the house began to be built. One year after we had started planning, the house was finally finished.

That day, I pulled off my shoes and dashed into the structure. Despite the narrow width, I could see that the designers didn’t waste space. There were very few doors, with the whole house open for many people to come.

God has blessed us with a wonderful house in a great place for ministry!

8 thoughts on “The Miracle of Our House

  1. & what a blessing to see pictures of house being built! A blessing from above !
    I pray that people come to now & accept Jesus as their Lord & Savior.
    Blessings Noah,
    Friend in Christ, Alice


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