What Would You Like Me To Write About?

For the first time ever, I’m having a pole for what you guys want me to write about this week (Saturday for me).

So here are the options:

  1. A day in the life of me.
  2. Interview with my brother!
  3. About my neighborhood
  4. Japanese sweets.
  5. You’re choice! What would you like to learn about? If a lot of people pick this, I’ll choose the one that seems the most interesting.

Thanks guys! I hope to hear from you soon!

25 thoughts on “What Would You Like Me To Write About?

  1. Hi Noah,
    I would like to hear about the Day in the Life of Me. How much studying you do, when do you practice your piano and how long, do you ride your bike and where do you go, how long do you have your Quiet Time in bible Reading and Prayer, do you help your parents with jobs, do you cook any time, what times do you go to church and play with your siblings.
    Love, Val


  2. let’s go with number three. all about your neighborhood. I want to know what kind of people live in your area of the world and what they like to do in their spare time. A little information about the architecture in your area would be cool too.

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  3. Thank you everyone for voting what will be chosen for my blog post. The poll is now closed.

    And the result is …

    A day in the life of me with 5 votes.
    Japanese sweets/candy with 3 votes.
    About my neighborhood with 2 votes.
    And … interview with my brother with 1 vote!


    1. Hi Sophia! The #1 post is actually up already! It’s the most recent post as of now! Also, I’m planning on making the #2 post very soon!
      The post is closed, by thanks for your vote! 🙂


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