Japan’s Dangerous Typhoons

On average, eleven typhoons hit Japan each year, and much destruction is caused by them. When my family and I were in Hokkaido, there was a rather big typhoon that hit Japan. The areas most affected were around Tokyo, six hours away from where we live. The prefecture next to Tokyo, Chiba, suffered large damages on buildings, and in many places the electricity was not available for a long time — some places the electricity isn’t on even now!

But in the news right now, the next typhoon is coming, the 19th this year. It is headed right for Tokyo and Chiba again. This typhoon is classed as the strongest of typhoons, and actually the strongest in 10 years! An American news show apparently said this was the world’s strongest typhoon this year.

This was a very, very short post. I apologize for that. I just wanted to say this to you: Japan needs your prayers. Most Japanese don’t know where they are going to go if they die. They don’t know the treasure of life, Jesus. They stare at the big typhoons, scared and not knowing what will happen next. Please pray that God will cradle them in his arms, whispering to them, “It’s okay. It’s okay.” Pray that they will know the truth and be safe forever in Christ.

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Now, bye and God bless!

6 thoughts on “Japan’s Dangerous Typhoons

  1. Praying for you & family & all people on path of typhoon. for God’s blessings & safety. Prayer warriors from Bella Vista Arkansas,USA.thank you for your posts, very much enjoy them. Blessings Noah.
    A friend in


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