The Hope That Comes Through Hardships (Typhoon Hagibis)

It has been a little over a week since the 19th typhoon this year, typhoon Hagibis came to Japan. It was classified as the strongest typhoon a typhoon can be. Its size covered almost the entire country of Japan when it landed, and many lives and homes were lost.

After the massive typhoon past, the Japanese government chose quantities of cities and prefectures to help out after the typhoon. The number of people that were chosen was many more than the people that helped in the Great East Japan Earthquake (911), which happened in 2011 and is said to be the greatest natural disaster that has come to Japan. 

People are still trying to recover from the typhoon Hagibis, but surprisingly and sadly, another typhoon, though it didn’t hit Japan, skimmed past it, causing much rainfall in the places where they were still trying to recover. About 10 people lost their lives, and 10 more rivers flooded, causing even greater turmoil to the already over-burdened citizens.

This is a very hard time for Japan. It seems like tragedy after tragedy continues to come down on them. They are suffering, and they need someone that can protect them. And that someone, the only someone that can protect their entire lives, is God. Please pray that they can look toward the one true God and know him and that they can gain real hope. 

You have probably already realized that this is a very big theme in my blog: hope. Japan suffers from many natural disasters. An average of 1500 earthquakes and 30 typhoons hit Japan every year. Japan needs hope and not just any temporary hope. Japan needs a hope that will not break like a frail walking stick only to pierce its owner. Japan needs God’s hope and love.

Thankfully, no close friends and family of ours have been hurt, but I think all of their hearts, including most of the people in Japan, are hurt because of the great loses that these disasters have made. 

I am sure many Christians and missionaries will visit the site and help the Japanese people to  recover. Please pray that they can spread the love and good news of Christ through it, and that they can give the bright hope of love in order to lighten the hearts of many.

Pray that these horrible things that come to Japan can somehow be a pathway for Japanese people to want to know our good God. 

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For now, bye and God bless!

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