Anouncement: The Shuji Giveaway is Closed

I have just randomly chosen the winner to the giveaway and will start practicing soon. The winner will be announced on November 16th, 2019.

Now, if you happened to be the lucky winner, then I would like you to choose if you would like the piece to be shipped to you, or just sent as a picture or a pdf, so you can print it out.

I would need to know your email or address, but you can be assured I and no one else will use it for any bad purpose, only for this giveaway.

There is always a possibility you won, so if you are unsure of giving me this information, tell me as soon as possible, and I will choose another winner.

Thank you for your understanding!

5 thoughts on “Anouncement: The Shuji Giveaway is Closed

  1. Well done! Noah. Subject: Shuji, was a very intertesting history of this Japanese writing. Thank you, If I’m the winner, I’d like a hard copy mailded to my home. Address: 1 McKeever Place, Bella Vista, Arkansas. 72715. Good luck to everyone. God bless. Alice Esposito.

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