And the Winners of the Shuji Giveaway Are ….

After entries from three different sites … many different kinds of words … and many challenges, the winners have been chosen. And the winners are …..

Don Chaon from Facebook and Kirsten F. from! Congrats to you both! As they said they wanted, Don will receive a copy of the shuji piece “FAITH” delivered to his door. Kirsten F. will have the word “AUTHOR” emailed to her.

I hope you guys enjoy the pieces!

For today’s post, I would like to show you the steps I took to writing the two papers.

1st Step: Setting the Paper, Bunchinn, and Suzuri

First of all, the Bunchinn is a thin, iron stick to hold the paper in place so it doesn’t follow the movement of the sticky brush. The Suzuri, is a black, metal container of the ink, so the writer is able to roll his brush along the black liquid and write.

It looks something like this:

Next I pour the thick ink (which is made of vegetable oil, pine, seed oil, and carbon) into the container.

2nd Step: Writing the Word(s)

Let’s say I am trying to write the word “MOUTH”.

The word mouth, provided by nobirishodo

I first look at each of the places in the word, seeing how fat each place is, and so on. Then I start. I go over and over, writing the same word, fixing even the minute details of the word, until I get it right at last.

At first when I started learning the craft of shuji, it was a grueling process. But more and more as I do it, it becomes fun, especially when I was writing the words for this giveaway. I began to think, what would be more beautiful? What would impress more people? Or what would bring people to admire its beauty.

So, to the winners, enjoy your piece! And to the people who weren’t as fortunate, I might try something like this again! So don’t miss your chance to enter a second time.

Now, I’m out of time to write, so I hope you enjoyed this post and the giveaway. As usual, bye and may God bless you!

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