The Japanese Emperor Passes By!

This Wednesday I saw someone I’ll never forget.

It’s the new Japanese emperor, Akihito-sama, along with his wife, Masako-sama (sama is used for people with authority), and we saw them in Nara, a prefecture next to Kyoto. I mentioned the prefecture when I talked about Nara Deer Park.

The emperor and empress were going to a place in Nara where they could report to the “gods” that they were the new people in office. Me, my siblings, my mom, my aunt and her new born daughter had the privilege of seeing them two times as they passed by with a gorgeous car.

When we came to the road where we were told the royal car would pass, we saw hundreds of people squeezed to the rim of the sidewalks, waving Japanese flags.

Thankfully, we (because my siblings and I are children) could be in the front of the bustled sidewalk. We waited for about an hour as the policeman tried to entertain us with stories of their childhood and such.

After a while of waiting, a normal car that said “A” on it’s bumper passed by us. As the policemen explained to us, that was the sign that the emperor would arrive in about 15 minutes.

Next came a car that said “B”, indicating that it would be 10-5 minutes for the emperor to arrive.

Then, a police car that said “3”. This of course meant they would be coming in 3 minutes.

There aren’t any people on the other side, just because this was the second time.

In Japan, police cars only flash their lights red, but just for this occasion, the police cars’ lights shined blue and red.

After another car saying that the emperor would come in a minute, the car began approaching, being led by these bikes:

The royal bikes and the cheering people (1st time)

And then the emperor and empress!

All in all this was a great experience. Though it makes me sad that these people believe in false gods, spending so much money and time for them, I know that God has a plan.

But I know that when I go to heaven, I’ll see the true emperor — the emperor of everything — God!

Thanks for reading this post! Who is the coolest person you’ve ever seen in real life?

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Bye and God bless!

3 thoughts on “The Japanese Emperor Passes By!

  1. Wow! Noah! Another great post. Interesting read about Emperor of Japan.
    I personally have never met anyone of historic means. ? How did you & family get to city to see Emperor?


    1. Thank you very much!
      We went with a train, and walked to where the police said the emeror would pass, and waited for about an hour! Some people who wanted to see the emperor and his wife up close waited from 1 A.M. to 12:00 PM at the station! :O


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