Christmas in Japan

Do you know the origin of the word “Christmas”?

Well, if you break it up, of course you can tell it’s “Christ”, or the chosen One of God, Jesus Christ, who came to the earth to give us eternal life, and “mas” or “mass”, which means “festival”, or “gathering”. Hence, Christmas is a day we celebrate Christ, and more specifically, Christ’s coming to Earth as a baby over 2000 years ago.

But, of course, in Japan, the meaning is different. Christmas has been changed from a holy day (holiday), from a day to rejoice in Christ coming to the world for us because he loved us, to a day that is simply there for kids to get presents, young adults to get a date, and others to get KFC chicken.

In other words, in Japan “Christmas” is just a “mas”, just another non-holiday of fun, a day in which the story and eternal joy and love of Christ is completely taken out. And therefore it is a rather sad substitute for the real thing.

In Japan, if you go to any store for at least ten minutes in December (or really anytime after Halloween), you will hear Wham’s “Last Christmas”.

You see, Christmas is just another day for sappy romance and meaningless decorations here. It is not a holiday of celebrating the greatest love and present that Jesus gave to us by coming as a humble baby and dying on the cross in payment for our sins.

My family has a Christmas party at our home ever year, and many non-Christians come to it. It is there that we have great opportunities to share about the real joy of God’s greatest gift, Jesus. It is there where we sing songs that really reflect on his coming at Christmas. It is quite different from the mainstream “mas” party in Japan because we have meaningful fellowship. Your prayers would be enormously appreciated for that time!

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For now, bye and God bless!

7 thoughts on “Christmas in Japan

  1. Beautiful post Noah! We will pray for you & family as you celebrate Christmas & I pray people joining you all to celebrate the Beautiful story of CHRIST’s Birth & they will rejoice, & b encourage to hear more Christ.

    Merriest Christmas Noah & your sweet family.

    Til next time.

    Peace & rejoicing in Christ.


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  2. Oh my word, this was such an amazing blog post to read, Noah! I really love the perspective you wrote in for this post. I think a lot more readers need to know these things about other countries — like Japan. Keep up the amazing work, blogger!

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    1. Thank you so much! I agree with you. Way to many people live their lives not knowing these kind of things that are happening in other countries — that we need to stop!
      Thank you for reading!


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