Only Four More Days Until Christmas! ~How Do Japanese People Celebrate Christmas?~

Whether you’ve already set up your tree, hung up the stockings, pushed the presents under the tree, or made plans for an upcoming Christmas party, it’s only a few days until, in my opinion, the best holiday of the year arrives!

As you know from my post a couple of weeks ago about Christmas in Japan, Most Japanese certainly don’t know what Christmas really means. They use Christmas to make up their own events. Especially they make it a chance to put up big banners that say, “SALE” or “UP TO 50% OFF!”.

But how do Japanese people spend their Christmas? Sure, they go outside and maybe buy a few cheap products, but that’s not all they do, right?

That’s why today I will tell you a few things Japanese do on Christmas.


It is a tradition for Japanese couples to go to romantic restaurants and visit places on Christmas and Christmas Eve. Unlike in America, Christmas in Japan is a time when couples and friends spend time together rather than the usual family gathering. Think Valentines Day. No one gets a day off.

The feeling when you walk into restaurants on Christmas Eve and Christmas is romance, not warm, family meetings.


The second thing Japanese people often do, is to go see beautiful, colorful lights hanging up on trees, bushes, and various shapes made by wires.

The only thing you can’t see is a nativity scene. Of course, in America, you could probably see just as good lights just in your neighborhood, but common Japanese citizens tend to not be competitive in that sense. It’s always nice to stare at the warm lights twisting and curving around each other to create beautiful sights. Much better, of course, would be the never-ending light of Jesus Christ and the Gospel (I discussed this in a post awhile back.)

And last but not least ….


“Eat what?” you may be thinking, “Of course people eat at Christmas no matter where you go!”

Well, I’ll tell you how Japan differs. It’s a tradition for Japanese to eat …

Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I don’t know when this strange custom started, but what I do know is Christmas is KFC’s busiest time of the year. People have to order at least a month before the time in the Christmas season they want to eat it.

This has nothing to do with them not caring about Christ’s birth, but I though I’d throw out a fun fact.

So, that’s it! Comment below how people in your country spend Christmas!

Bye, and God bless!

11 thoughts on “Only Four More Days Until Christmas! ~How Do Japanese People Celebrate Christmas?~

  1. Oh my goodness, this was SO interesting to read! I never knew about the “dates” that often happen during Christmas in Japan. That was a very new fact for me. Do people in Japan do anything for Valentine’s Day, or is that an American thing?

    Also . . . the KFC catches me every time. ^_^ I just never thought something that originated in Kentucky would end up being so popular in Japan!


    1. Thank you so much! They ALSO do stuff for Valentines Day, but they usually don’t go on dates. That day is when the girls give choclate and letters to the boys, so they also have what they call “White Day”, which is the day that the boy’s express their gratitude to the girls. 🙂

      Yes, that’s interesting, isn’t it?


      1. Really? So, it is kind of like they have two different days for the men and women to express gratitude to each other? That is very interesting! Thank you for sharing!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my word this was incredibly interesting, Noah! And I have the same question as Kirsten about the dates. 😉
    And they have to order a month before? Wow!
    Thanks for sharing, Noah!


  3. Hilarious about the KFC! I guess it’s similar here when people order Chinese take-out for New Year’s Eve, though we don’t need to order ONE MONTH ahead. 🙂 By the way, I’m enjoying your blog. I’ve been to Thailand and China a few times so it’s interesting to learn about similarities & differences of another Asian culture. (this is K. F.’s mom)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is kind of funny Japanese people to have a tradition to order KFC on Christmas! It might be interesting to research how that started. Thank you very much! Japan’s a wonderful country so I hope you’ll stay for more interesting information!


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