Blog Design Poll

Hi guys! I was wondering if you guys (the readers) liked the current design/font/font size of this blog. So here’s a poll! I would appreciate your answer to it.

Question 1: fOnt SIZE

Do you like the current font size? Is it too small? Is it too big?

Question 2: Font

What do you think of the current title font, Abril Fatface (check out the title of this post for reference)? How would you change it? What do you think about the current base font (this paragraph is in this font)? How would you change it? Look at this list for a selection of different fonts:

Question 3: Layout

What do you think of the layout and website itself? Should the sidebar (the place where the follow buttons, search bars and such are) be on the left side instead of the right? Any other changes you would make?

Thank you for your support! Bye and God bless.

7 thoughts on “Blog Design Poll

  1. I’m fine with it overall, your blog is very nice. I don’t mind the font size at all, probably because I’m young, so you should probably consult older folks on that. But I have one suggestion though (it might be difficult though): is there anyway you could make the categories on the homepage link to the blog posts that are in those categories? (Hope that makes sense.)


    1. Thank you!
      Do you mean it should be like a long list of post right at the side bar? Or a big picture or list of headers listed so you can click them to see each post in the category?


  2. I think the fonts and overall layout of the website are excellent! Like Eliana said, I’m young, so maybe that has something to do with it. I’ll have my mom take a look at it, since she enjoys reading your blog also. 😉

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      1. My mom said that she thought that the blog layout and design was very well done. However, she sad she would like if there was something on the side or something that had all of the other blog posts you have made. On some blogs I have seen, people will have a section called “archives”, and they’ll sort their different posts out by month. So, when people want to read previous posts, all they have to do is search it by month. =)

        Another thing she suggested was maybe making the current font size for the body text a LITTLE bigger. She said she can read it fine, but someone else may have some trouble with the smaller font.

        That’s all!


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