Bucket List!

Several days ago, I was challenged to make a bucket list by We’ve Got Pockets. These are the four different categories I will use: Dream Car, Dream Residence, Dream Room in the House, and Dream Pet.

So let’s get started!

Dream Car

Image from flickr

I haven’t really thought about this very much, but because by the time I can drive and afford cars of my own (if that will ever be possible 😅) the technology will have become very advanced, I will go with a flying car. Yes, some people already own some of these, and I’ve gone to see people in Osaka who were testing them and saying they would finish making a legit, working fly car by 2025.

So, that’s my dream car.

Dream Residence

I want to live in the country side in a big house, surrounded by a garden where I can have walks, brainstorm story ideas, and be relaxed. *realizes these dream things are definitely only going to be dreams*

Dream Room in the House

It would probably be a room where there are two computers (dual monitors), a comfy chair (this is right next to a bed), and maybe a bookshelf or two with my favorite books in them.

Dream Pet

I’ve always, ALWAYS wanted a dog. But never have I fulfilled that wish. I don’t know which breed I specifically want, but probably a medium-sized dog.

That’s it! I’m going to tag a few people to do the same!

Write In the Dark

Eliana The Writer

Crazy A

Spread the Word

Hope you guys have fun!

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