My Novels

Hello! Today I’d like to tell you about the two novels I am writing.

If you know me well, I think you know that writing is a big part of my life. 

Nothing makes me feel the way I feel when I put those words on the page, make worlds, create lively characters, and have the greatest adventure ever without even leaving my seat. And if I become an author, I can get paid to do it! 

Just think of it, the Bible, the divine Message of God, the way He chose to talk to us and communicate with us, was brought to us through words. And now I can take words too, to craft my own stories, my own messages, and my own projects. I hope through this medium I can bring glory to God too.

I’m only just starting to become a better writer and I’ve only written one novel so far. So hang on, my writing journey has only just begun; it won’t stop here.

Enjoy— whether you presently like reading fiction or not!

Fear of the Betrayer

My book cover, designed by Eliana the Writer (my pen name is Daniel J. Crow)

This project is a sequel to my first project, Fear of the Enemy. I’m planning on making this a trilogy based on the theme of fear (as the title suggests), following the lives of the main character, Alex, who is scared of everything, and his twin sister Emmy, who never gets scared. 

In the first book, a band of trolls kidnaps Alex, Emmy, and their mother. 

The second book, Fear of the Betrayer (the one I am writing right now), portrays the struggle of Alex’s town, Greendale when they are assaulted by an army led by a betrayer who used to be Alex’s best friend. Through the struggle, Alex battles within himself as to whether it is better to try to change a friend, or fight him.  

I plan on finishing the first draft by July, and I am currently less than 10% into it. However, I think my goal is not too far away. 

The Dragon’s Curse

(No cover made YET)

This is one of the longer projects I am planning. I think it will be about 250 ~ 300 pages (if that’s even possible). 

This is about a 15-year-old girl (whom I haven’t named yet but we’ll call her “E” here) who lives in a fallen city. Accidents, disasters, and terrors come every day, all because of a curse. This curse was struck on the town 8 years before, by a golden statue of a dragon. E lives in an orphanage, but one day, on her 16th birthday, she is expelled from the orphanage because she, according to the orphanage rules, is a full-grown adult.

And as a punishment for breaking another cruel rule, she has to live right next to the dragon— the very dragon that has thrown the town into turmoil.  

I am about 40% into this one, at 30,000 words. 


So, those are my books! What did you think of them? Which story interests you more? Tell me if you have any suggestions or comments about the ideas! 

Bye, and God bless! Have the best day!

8 thoughts on “My Novels

  1. Yay! on your explanation of how God communicates with us and the rest of that paragraph. I didn’t get a chance to see it before.

    I enjoyed this post, and I have written a lot of things and even had them published (though not for pay (sigh) because they are academic non-fiction), but I have always been in awe of people who can come up with stories! がんばれ for God’s glory, Noah!


    Liked by 1 person

      1. What did I think of the paragraph I referred to? Or, what did I think of the blog as a whole? As for the paragraph, I think that you made a good division between your words and God’s message. Yes, God used words (and as he still speaks to us via the Bible, he is using words in the present tense), but those words are divine, as you say, and meant to lead us to knowledge of him and knowledge of ourselves — that we are lost without him and separated from him — and then knowledge of how he will rescue us and then how we should live. It’s not just a story, which some people think. Yet, on the other hand, you showed how you can use words in your not-divine and nonsalvatory way to create — showing how he gave us abilities to create here in this world.

        As for the post itself, I liked it because I got a glimpse into the other projects you have going. I didn’t realize you were writing books. I admire that ability.

        Furthermore, I am happy to hear you say that you want to glorify God with your writing.

        So (haha — where are the emojis?), did I answer your question?

        Miss Sue


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