Taking Suggestions for Part Two of “The Virus”

Hey, everyone! Did you see my latest post, the post about the Coronavirus? Did you notice that it said, “Part 1”? That always means there will be a Part 2! 

So, I’ll be taking suggestions for the next part! What do you want to know about the Coronavirus from a person that’s in Japan? I’ll also be taking suggestions for posts in general I could write! 

Should I do an interview to people who are in the midst of it? Should I give you some updates on the latest things related to the virus? What else?

Comment away!!!

3 thoughts on “Taking Suggestions for Part Two of “The Virus”

  1. some of the misinformation (some cited in the Mainichi article); the power of God as illustrated in the Bible (since in Part 1 you talked about how he is powerful beyond all things) how some people are not taking heed?


    1. wow. I thought I would see a lot of requests/suggestions. It looks like I’m the first. I’m looking forward to seeing what other people say.


      1. How about including the information on clusters where infections have cropped up — see the mlhw web site — the govt support of masks and mask making and policies on reselling masks and even selling masks for more than they cost and what state of emergency means, etc.? Hmm. I read a lot about the virus, so these are things that pop up as I read.


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