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Hey, guys! Today I’m going to take a little break from all the coronavirus stuff. Instead, I will be sharing with you a guest post by my friend, Amie.

Before, her wonderful blog (about writing, Christianity, and more), had a domain name like this: But now… her blog has become much easier to access due to her domain name changing to MUCH more professional. 😉

So, enjoy her wonderful testimony below, and don’t forget to check her blog out!


Thank you so much, Noah, for letting me guest post. Today I’m going to be slightly personal and delve into my own testimony. Now, I’m not really used to giving testimonies, so if this is slightly hard to follow along, blame it on that fact. 🙂 

I was born into a Christian family, and I’ve been surrounded by the gospel my whole life. When I was old enough to understand, my older brother would preach to me in the backseat of the minivan. At the age of three, I was lying in bed thinking, and I realized that I should go pray with my dad to become a Christian. 

It’s hard to say if I totally understood Christ and His grace at that young age. In fact, I didn’t understand that Christ could be my savior as well as my sister’s. When she accepted Christ, I cried, thinking that Jesus was no longer my savior, and instead he was hers.

Thankfully, I learned that wasn’t so. 😉 

In 2011, I tasted the taste of death. It’s a sour, painful experience that leaves a child hurt and confused. One minute a loved one is there, the next they’re gone. Death has been a very present part of my life. Within five years, I lost three close family members. Medical trials have trailed behind me, tempting fear, pain, and crushed dreams.

Since I was twelve, I’ve dealt with depression, anxiety, and oppressive thoughts. In the past year, they came to the point where I honestly didn’t want to get up. My health was rotten, my mental health was nonexistent, and I felt like I was going to die.

Just end the misery that’s known as life. But God doesn’t give up on us even when we give up on ourselves. His mercy and grace is evident in the darkest night, which is why the morning brings joy. 

So many people, so many things have helped me. Ultimately, though, it was the Word of God and His people. Healing does come through tears, and in the pain it’s hard to see the goodness of God, but even if we can’t see the sun through the clouds, we can believe it’s there. As Puddleglum said so eloquently, 

“Suppose… suppose we have only dreamed and made up these things like sun, sky, stars, and moon, and Aslan himself. In that case, it seems to me that the made-up things are a good deal better than the real ones. And if this black pits of a kingdom is the best you can make, then it’s a poor world. And we four can make a dream world to lick your real one hollow. 

As for me, I shall live like a Narnian even if there isn’t any Narnia.” — Puddleglum, The Silver Chair

During the time I couldn’t see the sun, the time when words seemed to bounce around my brain, I realized that the black pits of the kingdom in my mind weren’t real. As for me, I was going to live as a Child of the King, even if there wasn’t a King.

But I needn’t worry, and neither should you. There is a God in the heavens, a God who sent His Son to die and rise again, beating the grave, and giving us Christ’s righteousness in exchange for our rags.

No longer are we those stuck in the black pits of a kingdom. No longer is death confusing. Instead, it is a gain beyond all comprehension. Because Christ is ours and we are His. What a wonderful thing to be!


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  1. This was very encouraging, Amie. Your writing was very clear, and you hit enough of ‘the personal’ to let me know how deep a pit Christ dug you out of.

    Your post reminded me of John 6:68. Many followers had just left Jesus because what he said was too tough for them. Then, Jesus turned to some others and said, Are you going to leave me, too? Peter spoke for them saying, Lord, where would we turn to? You have the words of life.

    You are right to say that there really is nowhere to go but to Christ. The world does not offer what Christ has to give — REAL life. Thanks for taking time to give an encouraging testimony of God’s working in your life.

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  2. Wow, that was such good writing, Amie! I really think the message you shared with us (your testimony) is something that so many of us need to hear in this very tough time in America. It was very encouraging and has truly inspired me. Thank you for sharing!

    And thank you, Noah, for having Amie guest post on your blog! It was a lot of fun to hear about her new blog release, and I am so happy!

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  3. As for me, I shall live like a Narnian even if there isn’t any Narnia.” — Puddleglum, The Silver Chair
    One of the best quotes from Narnia Amie. *silently applauds*

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