Hope (A poem to read in hard times)

Hi guys! Today I wrote a poem for you about hope. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

Hope. That wonderful, warm aspect of life,
It doesn’t fail to light the candle of my heart,
It keeps on flaring, as long as I trust
My Savior my Lord,
The one that keeps me strong and bold.

Hope. The thing that keeps me on my feet,
And flares my dreams, my challenges,
If it weren’t there, would anything happen?
Would we keep on working?
Would my feet keep moving?

Hope. If it weren’t there I don’t know,
If I could keep going, if I could keep moving,
But I do understand,
That the source of hope is here,
My Jesus Christ, my all in all!

Hope. I can never be thankful enough,
For its glorious presence.
It lifts me up, up, up!
When I hope in the goal that seems so far,
And hold onto Jesus all the way there,
I know I’ll achieve it, I’ll get there!

Hope keeps pulling me through,
Guides me through hard times,
But even hope is powered by Him,
Oh how could I live without Him, how?

Hope. But sometimes it can seem that it’s all gone,
It can seem that I’m just so lost in that deep, dark world.
It can seem like everything’s gone.
Like I just can’t keep moving. Can’t keep walking.
Can’t keep trying.
When all seems to be lost, it’s hard to keep standing,
‘Cause what is the world without Hope, my Lord?
If Hope doesn’t power us, how can we move?
If it doesn’t surge through us, how can we push through?

When pains come upon us,
So strong and so cruel,
It seems unbearable.
So dark and so miserable.
It seems like we can’t get through it.

My reader, can you compare and relate?
Has there been a time when all seemed so lost?
Did you lose all your hope?
Did you crave something you shouldn’t instead?
Were you groping and searching but only found air?
Are you struggling right now, right here?
Like a rock boring deep in your body,
Is it too deep to get out?
Does it seem to be impossible?
Too impossible to stop?

Oh, there are times when all seems lost,
When the darkness engulfs us and
All the good thoughts we had,
When struggles keep pelting down?

Have hope, said the Lord in valiant words,
I have overcome the World.
He is the source of Hope we should hold.
Nothing is too big,
Too Strong for Him.
Hope overflows from Jesus my Lord,

The golden light shatters the darkness,
My world fills with brightness
My life is so great,
But it wouldn’t be without Christ.
No struggle is too deep, too hard for him to face.
He’s on my side
Giving me forever hope,
There leading me with his powerful hands.

Hope. So bright, so strong.
It comes from my Lord, and the Lord is right here,
Holding my hand, leading me through,
Even through struggles, even through doubt.
I don’t have to fear when I have hope,
Hope in Him,
Hope in the conclusion that’s in His hands,
Hope in His plans.
If we hang onto the Source of Hope,
In Jesus Christ,
We won’t have to worry.
God’s on our side.
Have hope.

12 thoughts on “Hope (A poem to read in hard times)

  1. Noah! Great! Thank you! So much work!

    You’re right! People can have hope that is just thin as air — or worse, just an idea or feeling. The hope that is sound is in Christ! God has a true and real plan for a good life. Jesus said that eternal life is that people may know the only true God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent. So, that is real, solid, and what we gain and so the only hope that ends in reality!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Sue!!!

      Also, the article you edited for me will possibly be published next week (or the next). I got sick and this was the easiest one to publish since it was finished already. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. So THIS is what happened to that poem I edited. *claps* It’s a wonderful place to publish it, Noah! The words are something that we all need to hear more than ever these days. Thank you for adding some hope and encouragement in people’s lives. 😊

    Liked by 2 people

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