Hoping in Him

Hey guys! Today I’m posting a piece I submitted for a contest about hope! I hope you enjoy! 😉

1 Corinthians 3:13 says, “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love.” The three greatest things that God has made, put into our hearts and minds, spread out into the world, are those. And hope is one of them.

Why is hope so important anyway? Can we go on without it? Can’t we just keep living, doing things we want to? Do we really, completely need hope?

The resounding answer is yes. There’s a reason God put that verse in the Bible and why we put hope to be a thing in the world. I have a few of those reasons here on paper that I want to share with you. I hope by the time you finish this you will get a grasp of how much we need hope— and how much God’s wants us to have it.

1. Everything is Run by Hope

Think about it. Every single action in this world is done in hope. Everything that drives us, everything that pushes us on our journey in life is run by hope.

The trips we take to school and work are made from the hope that our feet (or automobiles) can take us there, the hope that we can learn or make something happen where we go, and hope that God will guide us through everything.

When we eat food, that is done based on the hope that the taste will satisfy our taste buds, that the food will nourish our body, and that it will satisfy our hunger.

Even writing is powered by hope. For some people, it is hope that the people who read it will enjoy it. For others, it is hope that God will be glorified through their writing. Still others hope that writing their feelings and enjoyable stories will help drain away the difficult parts of their lives.

If there wasn’t any hope, there would be no dreams, no goals, no actions, because there would be no motivation to do it. That brings up the next point.

2. Hope Keeps Us On Our Mission

Our life is a mission— an ongoing mission that is part of God’s plan, and we’re completely involved in it. Every action is meant to be an action to spread the word, grow in our faith, and experience God fully. Only many times we don’t do it.

But in the end, it is completely necessary that we have hope in the conclusion that is in God’s hands. We need to have hope that the Holy Spirit will grow the small seed we planted in a stubborn, unbelieving friend. We need to have hope that when it seems to be so hard to keep our faith, that God is helping us and leading us to be more like him.

Think of a spy movie. The main characters —if they are spies— usually have a secret mission. If the main characters of the movie didn’t have any hope whatsoever that their mission would succeed, would they do well? If they did, I don’t think they would do a very good job in it. But what if hope itself didn’t exist? What would happen then?

The world would fall into chaos. There would be no purpose in life. We would have no courage to live each day. Even simple chores would seem grueling and wasteful.

We simply need hope, just as much as we need the air that is floating around us. It is necessary in order to help our mind be set on God’s holy goals that lay before us.

3. God Promises Rewards To Those Who Hope in Him

Jesus tells us in Isaiah 40:31 that “Those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”. Can you imagine that? Us, weary, lost, nothing without him (John 15:5b), us ignorant, selfish, utterly sinful beings, can soar on wings like eagles. Spiritually, God will guide us through every struggle. He will uphold us. He will strengthen us. He will urge us on. He will stay by  our side. He will be forever pouring his overwhelming love on us.

Remember, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). But he still offers to everyone, his hope, mercy, love, steadfastness, greatness, glory and utterly inexplicable grace. We just have to hold onto the hand he’s holding out to us.

If we just grasp onto his strong hands and hope in his steadfast mercy and love, trusting in his plans, we will be raised up. We will be able to soar on wings like eagles.

But wait. Is that how everyone in today’s world acts? Sure, people have hope, but do they have it in Jesus? Do they have it in God, the one they should have all their attention on? The sad answer is, no. Many people put their trust and their hope in other things: things like money, friends, or entertainment.

That isn’t how it is supposed to be. God hates when humans act like that. Even in this coronavirus situation, many people grasp onto other things. And when those other things collapse, they too collapse, into a world of suffering and panic.

People who hold onto money and material things have to go through Corona shock.

People who hold onto their friends for judgement and guidance have to go through quarantine and social distancing.

People who hold onto entertainment have to go through the cancellation of countless concerts and shows.

But if we just put our hope in Jesus, he will guide us to his perfect plans. Jesus is the one we need to hope in now and in any situation— even now, in the midst of the coronavirus. Please don’t hold onto this world. Hold onto Him.

So this is my message to all of you today.

Don’t hope in other things that can’t satisfy you forever. Hope only in Jesus Christ, Our Savior, Our Lord. His hope only will drive us forward. His hope will lead us through the hard times. His hope alone will hold us up and make us soar on wings. His hope alone will strengthen us. His hope alone will be with us through everything.

God bless! I’ll se you guys next week!

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