What to Do During Quarantine

Sadly, I don’t have the time to write this week’s blog post. My schedule was taken with different things to do, and finally, on this day that I posted this, I am sitting down to write.

But I have to finish in 10 minutes, which is a very tight deadline.

That is why I just want to share with you a little note of encouragement: a message for all of you.

During this season, during quarantine, when you are in the house, it’s easy to do things for your own pleasure.

Like picking up that comic book that you couldn’t look at because of schoolwork. Or doing a few consecutive hours of non-stop gaming. Or spending your time chatting and scrolling through social media.

Are you putting your attention to things that aren’t important? As important as the real truth? Are you putting your attention on the overflowing love of Jesus?

I encourage you: put your mind to God. Only he can satisfy your heart. Begin your day with reading the Bible. Pray to him when you feel your heart is wavering.

God is with you. God is holding out his hand. You just have to take it. 🙂

God bless, and stay safe!

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