In the Midst of PAIN

Struggle and pain flourishes in the midst of us. Strangled shouts, cries for help, puffs of ash, tongues of fire reach into the sky. And we sit in the midst of it, our eyes wide in shock.

It seems like a hopeless world. Like our footing is crumbling under us into a deep, dark void, pain and suffering throbbing all around us, claws of evil scratching our hearts.

Just turning on the TV brings a striking reminder of the world around us. A single conversation can bring us to think, “Why is this world so horrible right now? Why are all these bad things happening?”

But above it all, Jesus stands, hand out stretched as people run around.

Our world today is drenched in sin. People crave for bad things which makes things worse. People try to find hope in other things than the most important.

In the midst of everything that is happening right now, as I keep stressing, the thing we need to do is hope in God in every situation. Even when you feel like there is no hope to keep going. Even when you feel like Satan is looming above the world, that he has control over the earth.

These are the times we need to trust God. These are the times when we need to have his love, his patience, his grace.

Trust in God, folks. 🙂

God bless, and stay safe.

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