My Writing Challenge of the Month

Starting in July, a new writing event begins! It’s an event where writers all around the world run to their computers and their notebooks and start writing furiously for a whole month. It’s where writers can smash their goals, finish novels and drafts, and grow in their writing. It is an event where writers can push their limits and try to do huge things.

And, obviously I’m going to participate!

The name of this online, free-for-all event is called, Camp National Novel Writing Month. (This is usually shortened to Camp Nanowrimo, or even Camp Nano). So this is how it works:

First, you choose a project you want to work on for the month. In my case, it’s a book called Fear of the Betrayer. I introduced this in my post about my novels.

Then, you choose a goal. This could be a goal of how many words you want to get in your novel, how much time you want to spend on it, how many pages you want to get done, etc. My goal for July is to write for 60 minutes a day. That’s 1800 minutes in a month. So everyday, I will crave to get that daily goal, and in the end, hope to get a lot of work done on my novel. I might even finish my book!

Camp Nanowrimo is a spin-off of the original event, National Novel Writing Month, which is in November. In that event, you don’t have a choice. If you enter, you must aim to write a whole novel in the month of November! That’s fifty-thousand words. So in Camp, the makers’ goal is to make it a little easier so everyone can participate. 😉

So, because I’m going to be in this event, I might not post as often. But if I don’t, you’ll know why.

Question Time! Are you going to participate in Camp Nanowrimo? Also, while I’m busy, does anyone want to guest post?

Bye, and God bless!!

12 thoughts on “My Writing Challenge of the Month

  1. All the best in the upcoming month! What word count are you aiming for? I myself am aiming to write every day regardless of whether NaNoWriMo is here or not, and have been going strong for about a year now. My word count is pretty abysmal though. Good luck and have fun!

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    1. Well, I’m not actually going for a wordcount goal (am I being a rebel? maybe XD). I’m aiming to write 60 minutes a day— and that’s not my blog. It’s my main project. That’s great that you’re writing everyday! It’s a great habit to have. Are you going to join Camp? You too! God bless!


      1. Actually I’m a MK (missionary kid). I was raised in Japan but my dad’s American (though my mom is Japanese). That’s so cool you live in China! Have you lived there all your life?

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      2. Ok I thought you might be but just did not want to ask incase its not allowed in Japan. But yeah My parents moved here when I was one and we have lived here ever sense. Are you homeschooled or do you do to school?


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