The Sunday School ZOOM Class

Hey all! Did you know that my family and I have a fun online Sunday school class on zoom?

We started it in May and it is designed for kids age 7-13. My dad is leading, and I translate. My mom, brother, and sister help with games, songs, and actions. Over the weeks of doing this, we have had many non-Christian kids join us, and we’ve had fun with our stories, games, songs, and dancing (though often the kids are too shy to dance— haha!).

It’s a privilege to be able to help kids from both Christian and non-Christian homes in Japan know Jesus. Most people finish their lives without ever hearing anything about Jesus and his mercy, so even knowing just a little about God and Christ is a great thing!

Please pray for us as we continue to do this Sunday school class via Zoom, and for the kids to know more about the hope and love they can have in Christ.

God bless!

2 thoughts on “The Sunday School ZOOM Class

  1. This is so cool. What a great way to get the Good News out there for young ears to hear. People could use hope like our God these days. I think my church should try this sometime. 😀


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