Why the Internet is So Important for Spreading the Word

You and I both know very well that the internet is obviously an incredible invention. It has made most things infinitely easier, expanded our flexibilty, and has allowed communication between people from all around the world.

The internet has helped with business, friendships, transportation, security, almost everything!

But does it help with ministry? How can Christians take advantage of this age to share the Good News? That’s what I want to dive into today.

How People that Live Overseas Can Know Jesus Through the Internet

It could start with a hook. An image that the user sees, or a line that catches their eye. It may be a Bible verse, or a line that says, “God loves you.”

Someone that needs hope, love, trust, grace, and mercy, might find that page, and click on it. Then, whether it be an article, a video, or a piece of audio, the viewer begins to devour the message of love, hope, and trust. They begin to receive this message of grace, mercy, and peace.

It is easy to help many people now days through the internet. Here are a few ways to consider how to share the Good News through the internet, so that people from all over the world can see it:

  1. Make a Youtube channel. With the amazing popularity of this video-sharing site, it will be easy for people to see your channel, and that is the time that you can start sharing from your experience.
  2. Make a blog. Though sharing the Word wasn’t the reason I first made this blog (I made it because I wanted to grow in my writing), I have definitely used this as a source to share the Good News since then. It’s crucial to share about Jesus in this fallen world, and though blog posts seem like they are crumbling in popularity, this is still a great way to share.
  3. If you can— write an e-book! This way you can fill your creation with detailed points, scripture, and testimonials. Many people all over the world have been influenced by books, and the great thing is that now books can be read almost anywhere for free! People can read online, on their smartphones, iPads, computers, and Kindles, and begin to understand the Good News.

Remember, if you know a foreign language and translate your channel/blog/book into different languages as well, it will magnify its influence.

Specific Ways People Can Be Impacted By Jesus Through The Internet

All we have to do is do something to start. Type up an article. Record your voice, passionately talking about God. Then, God will start working. Imagine how this could work…

Brandon has lost his job, he has lost his wife and kids, he has lost his hope in life. He doesn’t want to talk with friends anymore, he just wants to be alone. But deep down, he still wants hope. One day, he’s surfing the internet, and one article title catches his eye. It says, “True Hope in Jesus”. Wondering who Jesus is, he clicks on it. There, he learns about Jesus’s sacrifice for him, Jesus’s love, and the hope he has in life. From that day on, Brandon has lived with a lighter heart, knowing that Jesus is there for him.

Angela is the most popular kid at school. She has SO many friends. People wish they could be like her. They think “She must have the best life ever”. However, reality is pretty different. She has two unloving parents, always snapping rude remarks about her. To put it straight, they don’t love her. Having tons of friends can’t change that for Angela. But one day, when she randomly sees a Youtube video, talking about God’s love, how God sent his only son Jesus to DIE for everyone, even her, Angela’s heart changes. Because her real Father in heaven cares for her.

Peter doesn’t know who to trust. His best friend betrayed him, stealing all the money in his safe, along with the blueprints for the mastermind invention they were planning to make. So he goes back to living alone, clinging to his love of reading and scrolling through social media, trying to find someone, something to trust. And that’s when he hears the Good News. A random e-book with only a few Amazon reviews, that only costs one dollar. The title, “The Person You Can Trust”, is the only thing that catches his attention. He finishes the short e-book in only an hour, but it’s the best hour of his life. He knows now who to trust. He knows he has a friend. He keeps reading it over and over and over. He inputs the words as a note: “I know who I can trust.”

I hope this was helpful for you. I hope you have a ready heart. People need to know Jesus. They need him most right now. And what could be more of a privilege than to share the good news with them, introducing them into a world of true wonder, glory, hope, and love? And what a more an opportune time than now, when we have the internet to do all of that so easily?

If you read all of this as a non-Christian, maybe glossing over some of words because you don’t need to know about how Christians can share their beliefs, I hope someday you will know how worthwhile it it is to share the Good news of Christ. It is the most important information that one can possibly share.

May God bless you!


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