Monkeys, Disappearing Roads, and Olives (Kagawa Trip #2)

Hello, everyone! This week I’m going to be posting about the second half of our trip to Kagawa. I hope you enjoy!

Day 3

On Day 3, we woke up pretty early to go to an island called Shodo shima. We first got there by a boat. The first place we went to was a place called “Angel Road.” It’s a road made of sand that winds in through the middle of the ocean towards a small island. It appears for awhile and then disappears when the tide comes in.

While we walked on it, we realized the sea was starting to close in! The road was beginning to disappear! So, yes, we all got a little wet trying to wade across to get back to the shore. Haha!

Afterwards, we went to visit an olive garden. Green trees spread across the sloping hills, olives swaying in the branches as the cool wind wafted along. There was also a restaurant there, so we stopped by for some food, and then set off for another location!

The next place we went to was a place where they make a sauce called shouyu. It’s commonly used on sushi, noodles, and on meat for taste. We got to see the huge barrels where they make it, tasted some, and even bought a few bottles.

And after that, we visited my favorite place of the trip, a place called Monkey Kingdom! It was basically a zoo with monkeys, except the monkeys weren’t in cages. They scampered around as we gave them food. Since monkeys are my second favorite animal, it was such an awesome experience!

We got to our tent that evening, exhausted but satisfied with the things we were able to experience that day.

Day 4

The next day was the last day of the trip. Before we drove back to our home in Kyoto, we visited a castle called Marugame Castle. Castles are a pretty important in Japanese culture, and are very beautiful structures, so my mom had to plan that to be the last place!

Conclusion and My Overall Thoughts on The Trip!

I am so glad I got to go on the Kagawa trip. My family and I got to go to so many places, and had a ton of fun! I hope we can go on another camping trip soon and I can share my discoveries with you. If you ever come to Japan, Kagawa is definitely a place I would recommend.

Thanks for stopping by! Bye, and God bless!

2 thoughts on “Monkeys, Disappearing Roads, and Olives (Kagawa Trip #2)

  1. This sounds amazing Noah! As a TCK that hasn’t travelled in a while, I am bursting to go somewhere. And Kagawa sounded like the perfect place to visit!


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