Japan Quiz #1! ~How much do you know?~

Hey all! If you’ve followed my blog for at least a few months, I think you know quite a bit about Japan by now! I’ve posted about Japanese culture, locations, language, among other things. So today, I’m going to give you a quiz about Japan. If you don’t know some of the answers, don’t worry, there will be a link to a blog post of mine with the answer for every question! Once you are done with the quiz, type your answers in the comments bellow (put an asterisk next to the questions that you looked at the answer)! I will announce the answers in next week’s post, and the person with the most correct will get a spotlight/post with the theme of their choosing from me.

Have fun!

Question 1: What is the name of the fastest train in the world?

a) E5 (Hayabusa)

b) Tokyo Maglev

c) L0 (Linear)

d) N700

(Find answers here: The Fastest Train in the World)

Question 2: What is kanji?

a) a system of Japanese writing

b) a type of temple in ancient Japan

c) a kind of art using ink

d) a method of studying in Japan

(Find answers here: Three Language Forms)

Question 3: What island is called “Bunny Island”?

a) Hashima Island

b) Shoudo Island

c) Okunoshima Island

d) Awaji Island

(Find answers here: Rabbit Island, Japan (Interesting Facts about Japan #2))

Question 4: What is the name of a performance where one person performs many characters at once?

a) Ogei

b) Rakugo

c) Gandou

d) Sensu

(Find answers here: The Play with Only One Performer)

Question 5: Which manner in the options exist directly because of samurais many years ago in Japan?

a) Putting your left hand out while eating

b) Bowing

c) Not eating while walking

(Find answers here: 3 Differences)

Question 6: What fast food restaurant is most busy on Christmas season (in Japan)?

a) McDonald’s

b) KFC

c) Taco Bell

d) Wendy’s

(Find answers here: Only Four More Days Until Christmas! ~How Do Japanese People Celebrate Christmas?~)

Question 7: Which word in here is NOT a word that actually comes from Japan?

a) Typhoon

b) Go (the game)

c) Karaoke

d) Emoji

(Find answers here: Japanese Words That Americans Use In Everyday Life)

Question 8: What is Hashima Island often called?

a) Bunny Island

b) Ghost Island

c) Temple Island

d) Samurai Island

(Find answers here: Hashima Island)

Question 9: What is Yaki Niku?

a) A kind of salted fish

b) A sweet candy like caramel

c) grilled meat

d) Japanese salad with seaweed

(Find answers here: Four Super Delicious Japanese Foods That Sound Horrible in English)

Question 10: Which of these is NOT a thing that exists in the prefecture of Tottori?

a) a rocket launch

b) a sand dune

c) a huge mountain

d) a museum of sand

(Find answers here: Vacation at Tottori)


Don’t forget to type your answers into the comments bellow! I really hope you had fun delving into this fun Japan quiz, and that you learned more things as well!

Thank you so much for visiting this blog, I hope you’ll stay!

Bye, and God bless!

(Note: all the bolded words are links)

3 thoughts on “Japan Quiz #1! ~How much do you know?~

  1. 91-C 2-A 3-C 4-B 5-A 6-B 7-B 8-C? (this ones link goes to the word one) 9-C 10-A (i checked the links for most of these. fun quiz! i didnt know a lot of these since i never got to go to bunny island *we planned to once but it didnt work out* or Tottori prefect and didn’t know the name of the play. *nor do i pay much attention to restaurant activity* lol)


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