Getting into the Halloween Mood ~My Favorite Japanese Candies~

Hey all! I trust that you already enjoyed Halloween! It’s an exciting time of the year, with piles and piles of candy to munch on, fancy costumes, the creepy feel that wafts through the air… So of course Japan celebrated Halloween just like any place, right?

Not so much. Some big cities have Halloween parades, and some houses and schools have Halloween parties, but that’s about it! It’s not easy to casually stroll through the neighborhood and ask for candy. I don’t know why, but people don’t trick-or-treat, or rather, they can’t. It’s kind of strange. Why have Halloween decorations when you can’t even trick-or-treat?

Despite this, Japanese businesses take advantage of this holiday, just like they do with Christmas. Many products have a Halloween design, and a few houses decorate their front steps with Halloween looks.

That aside, what if Japanese people actually trick-or-treated? I would be going out at night to stuff my mouth with various sweets and candies! Now, that brings up the theme of this week’s post.

I want to tell you about my favorite candies: the sweets I would take most if Japan really celebrated Halloween. And hopefully, along the way, you’ll learn about some amazing sweets you’ve never heard of, and learn just a little bit more about me and Japan

Let’s dive in!

Lamune Candy

This crumbly, white candy tastes like a pretty old Japanese fizzy drink called, (surprise!) lamune. It has a fizzy taste and is very good.


This opinion is controversial, but I’m a lover of amanato, which are sweet beans coated with sugar. They are soft, sweet, and delicious.

Kinako Mochi Candy

This caramel-type candy is based off of a kind of a mochi (pounded rice), mentioned in my post about Japanese foods. A chewy piece of mochi is coated with a taste of sweet ground soybean. It’s really good!


Konpeito are little pieces of star-shaped candy of different colors. They are basically pieces of sugar, but have different flavors and are pretty delicious.

Furukawa Bubble Gum

These colorful, spherical pieces of bubble gum are a favorite of many children, and it is probably one of my favorite kinds of gum.


Though we don’t have trick-or-treating in Japan, I still love candy here in Japan (I mean, who doesn’t?), so hopefully you had fun learning about my favorite kinds of Japanese candy!

Bye, and God bless!

(Note: There won’t be many posts for November because of another writing challenge I am entering, and because I will go on a vacation. Feel free to check my old posts while I’m gone, though! There are plenty of interesting topics that I have written about in the past.)

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