I Wrote 50,000 Words Last Month!

Hello guys! After a month’s break I am at last back to this blog, and I will be writing regularly (maybe even more frequently than I did before). And I did a ton of things in the month of November, hence why I took a LONG break.

These things include going on a trip to the southernmost prefecture of Japan, competing in a very hard writing challenge to write heaps of words in a month, and getting the newest book in my favorite series! I will be making posts about all of these, but first I’ll explain about the writing challenge I entered, and how it worked out for me.

The challenge is called Nanowrimo, short for National Novel Writing Month, and the goal of the challenge is simple— write a novel in a month (or 50,000 words).

*pauses while you explode into a literal mind-blow and turn into a human volcano*

Yeah. It’s crazy. But many writers have the determination and courage to stand up to the event, and in the end, if they succeed, they have 50K words or more in their story/novel/poem/blog!

I’ve done another version of this event in April and July, but in those events, I could choose my goal. Not in this one. The goal is set in stone.

So on November 1st, I set to work on my novel. This novel is a novel I mentioned in my post about my writing projects, called Fear of the Betrayer. If you want to know more about it, visit the post that I linked too, but in a nutshell it is basically the second book in a series I’ve started, and it’s a fantasy adventure project. I worked on the second draft this month.

The first day went well. I wrote about 2200 words (1667 words a day is required at minimum to complete the challenge). But the next day, I wrote less than one thousand. And that was not a good decision. I probably should have written a lot that day. Because that night, my family and I drove to the airport to start the first leg of our trip. I didn’t write for another four days. (If you’re curious what happened in that trip, the post will be up soon, God willing!)

When I came back (and after a few rocky writing days), I was behind by 8628 words, on November 10th.

Everyday was a struggle as I logged in those words and typed them onto the doc, making my novel bigger every day. I began to get closer to my goal, 50,000 words, 2K at a time, everyday, until at last, I caught up, on November 30th, the last day of the month, with a grand total of 50,066 words in the month of November.

So, in short, I completed and won the Nanowrimo challenge.

It was truly a phenomenal experience and I am really glad I did the challenge. It was very hard, but in the end— I have 50K words in my project, and that can’t be bad. Even if it is trash (I’m too scared to look at the moment), I can still edit it.

(Here are my stats, if you’re curious. In the first picture, the dotted blue line is the “Path to Victory” and the darker line is my path to victory ;):

I hope you enjoyed this post about the writing challenge I entered! If you write or know someone who writes as a passion or a hobby, then I definitely recommend this challenge— Nanowrimo, which is held every November, and has a twin program every April and July. It’s also 100% free! It has pushed my limits and helped me to be more persistent and productive.

Thanks for reading! As usual, bye, and God bless!

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