Okinawa Trip— Day 1

If you were to stalk me from November 3rd to November 6th, you would have seen amazing stuff (not that my life isn’t amazing ALWAYS). You would have seen shimmering beaches, a nice hotel, elegant aquariums, dark and beautiful caves, and an amazing collection of foods. Why? Because I was visiting the southernmost island in Japan, a prefecture called Okinawa. And it was an amazing place, so I’m so excited to be able to share my discoveries in the island with you! This is a summary of the first day at Okinawa with my family. But today, I want to write it a little differently. Because of my love of writing in a story format, I’ll try that this time. Hope you enjoy it (and comment below if you want me to keep doing this)!

Flying to Okinawa

My eyelids felt heavy as I tiredly opened them, my eyes swimming in the bright white lights that met my vision. I closed my eyes again, rubbed them with my hands, and opened them again. My vision was still blurry, as my brain hadn’t yet made the transition to daytime mode, but I twisted out of my blankets, which was my coat, and sat up. I was on a bench. In front of me was a convenient store, but I wasn’t outside. I was in a building. A large, white building with arching walls and long, glinting halls. The far side of the building was bustling with people holding suitcases and standing in line to get on their planes.

That’s right, I told myself as I stretched and greeted my brother, who was eating a piece of bread he seemed to have bought from the store. I’m in an airport.

My family and I had come to the airport late at night the previous day, to sleep there— we didn’t want to leave our house at 5 A.M.!

To satisfy my empty stomach, I got some money from my mom and bought some breakfast.

Fast-forward to an hour from then. I was now in the airplane, sitting back as the cloudy scenery rolled by out the window. Tiredness rustled my senses, and I felt like I should sleep, but somehow I couldn’t. Everyone else in my family except my brother seemed to, though. The boring hours past, and the airplane finally landed on the land of Okinawa.

We left the plane shortly after, picked up our baggage, and left the airport to go get our Rent-a-car.

We had promised to meet with my mom’s friend, who lives in the prefecture— she would be our guide in our journeys in the land.

Okinawa Land and the Gigantic Cave

So we met up with her, and the first place she led us to was a theme park called Okinawa World. As I came in through the entrance, I could see a snake museum on my right, a man showing off a large, yellow snake standing in front of the building, where there was a site for photography. Staff members were selling tickets in front of the entrance to the museum. When I followed the stairs that went down from the snake museum, I could see a winding road that split and went down into a path that was speckled with tropical plants— one went a building with various products and food, then to different sites where we could do different things— we would experience them soon enough— and the other wound down to a famous cave. This is the route we went down first.

Cicadas chortled their tune in the lush, waving tropical trees as my family and I walked, and my mom’s friend led us down the shady path. We went down a long flight of stairs, then down to the front of the gaping mouth of the cave.

This cave is called the Gyoku Sendo Cave, which is both the largest cave and the cave with the most stalactites in Japan, with over a million of them! And it was simply beautiful.

Gyoku Sendo Cave

The winding pathway went down the cave with lights brightening it. Yellow walls were full with growing stalactites and stalagmites, creating a special wave of beauty on the cave’s walls. Some of them were huge, some of them were sharp, some were fat, long, short, but all played a part in the massive structure of the Gyoku Sendo. Gushing streams of trickling cold water followed us down the structure as we all marveled at the spectacular form of the giant.

That wasn’t in. As we meandered through Okinawa world, we got to eat a special Okinawa meal, see an Okinawan traditional show complete with dancing and music, experience taking pearls out of oysters in one of the activities, and of course visited the snake museum— including a snake show!

When we finished, the sun already hung low in the sky, and we hopped onto our cars to head to our next destination— to eat dinner.

The Steak

We drove for about an hour, zooming through the roads as the sky got dimmer and dimmer, the beautiful streetlights flickering on as the time flew. Then finally we were there. A place bustling with people and buildings and lights and stores and fun. One of the stores there, a steak restaurant, was where we ate— due to my dad’s favorite food being steak.

The steak, with its juices, its chewy meat, and the heartwarming taste, was great. After the steak, my parents’ friend treated us to ice cream at a famous ice cream shop called Blue Seal.

Then it was time to say good bye to our friend. After we all said our farewells, it was time to get back onto the road to drive to our hotel.

A super-discounted luxurious hotel!

I’ll leave you at that cliffhanger, not because the day was done, but because I will tell you more fun details later!

I hope you enjoyed learning about the first day of my trip. If you go to Japan, I definitely recommend you go to Okinawa, as it is an excellent place with delicious foods, beautiful scenery, and fun activities. If you want to learn more about Okinawa and my trip, stay tuned on this blog (or look to see if the next post is already up)!

Question of the Week:

What’s one of the best vacation spots you’ve gone to?

Bye, and God bless! 👋

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