Okinawa Trip— Day #2

Hey! It’s day two of following my life! I think you’ll enjoy it. 😉

Anyway, I’m going to continue the style in which I wrote the last post. Are you curious to know what happened on the second day of the trip I had with my family? Keep reading!

The next day, I lifted myself out of my bed in the hotel, jumped into my clothes, and got ready for the happenings of that day. The first activity was snorkling.

The site was located about an hour away from the hotel, but, frankly, I’m not a fan of snorkeling— I’m more of a book guy 🙂 But since the snorkeling experience was apparently phenomenal, I will present to you a special interview from my brother, TJ about it. Enjoy!

Q: On a scale from 1-10 how much did you enjoy snorkeling?

A: Eight.

Q: What was your favorite part about snorkeling?

A: Seeing the most colorful fish ever. 🙂

Q: Describe the best fish you saw.

A: There was a big, vibrant fish that was blue with white stripes— I liked that one. (The following is an answer from my dad, who jumped in 🙂 A rainbow-colored fish!

Q: Would you recommend snorkeling to the readers?

Yes, if you can put up with the wet suit— it wasn’t very comfortable for me personally.


Alright! Everyone give a round of applause to my brother!


Now, onto the rest of the day 😀

What we did next was one of my highlights of the trip. KAYAKING!

Our car rolled into a town nestled deep into nature, with swaying trees and glistening streams. We parked our car in the kayaking site and were greeted by our guide, a man with a fanned-out hat. He told us how we would navigate our way through the narrow streams and guide our kayak across the scenery and the serene waters.

It was a fabulous time. I teamed up with my mom and my brother and sister sat on my dad’s kayak. We saw lush plants and trees, kingfishers, fish that walked on land, and enjoyed a great time racing our boats in the water. If I were to visit a place with a kayaking site, I would definitely kayak again!


After a long day, we headed in for dinner in a restaurant that we had never seen in Japan— A&W. It was a nice refreshment, the juicy burgers, the fries, the root beer… We rested in the restaurant for a while until we were ready to go back to our hotel.

A few hours later, we were deep in sleep, refreshed and getting ready for the next day in our trip.

That was day 2 of our trip! I hope you enjoyed it! If you did, feel free to like this post and comment your thoughts!

Question of the Post:

What’s your favorite water-related activity?

A Note:

In this trip, my family followed the mandatory procedures in this coronavirus season, such as using hand sanitizer, social distancing with other people, wearing masks, and not conversing with people in a close range for a long period of time.

Bye, God bless, and stay safe! 👋

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