Okinawa Trip #3 ~5 Highlights of My Visit to An Aquarium~

Hello, friends! Today, I am going to continue my series about the trip to the southernmost island my family and I went on. But before I do, I want to inform to you that this is my last post of 2020! HAPPY (almost) NEW YEAR!


2020 was a really rocky year, but I think God has touched us all in someway or the other. If this blog was one of the ways he did touch you, I am overjoyed.

My New Year celebration post, as well as the review of 2020 will come shortly.

Now, to the trip update!!


On the third day of our trip, we woke up in the hotel, ate our breakfast, and set out to see probably the most famous aquarium in Okinawa— the Churaumi aquarium.

It is located in a large park, and in front of the entrance is a huge sculpture of a whale shark. We took pictures there, and entered the building.

Now, to explain our long exploration of the aquarium, it would be too tedious, and it would already be 2021 by the time I finished (it is currently 5 hours before the new year at the time of this writing).

That’s why I will tell you the top 5 highlights of the aquarium instead!

  1. The Whale Shark— In saying this I mean both the statue at the entrance of the aquarium (amazing) AND the real one in the large tank (even more amazing)— the giant, eight-meter-long shark’s graceful swimming is a truly awesome thing to watch.

2. The Exotic and Colorful Fish— There were very many colorful and unusual fish in this aquarium. It was a joy to watch the rainbow colored fish, fish with large chins, strange eyes, long bodies, and fish that changed colors swim along in the water. Wow.

3. Jelly Fish— I would include this in the highlights of any aquarium I went to (if they had jelly fish, that is). I LOVE jelly fish. Watching their shimmery bodies wafting in the liquid is entrancing. And though there weren’t many of them, this is going in the highlights for sure.

4. The Dolphin Show — Usually dolphin shows are boring to me. They are all mostly the same. But this was different. With the adorable dolphins and their flashy moves, to the delivery by the trainers and the exciting music, this was an amazing experience.

5. The Social Distancing Signs— This will come as a surprise for many of you – if not all of you. But the time put into these signs deserve a shoutout. Every single sign was different— and every single sign rephrased 2m, the required distancing, with sea creatures. For example, in front of the clown fish tank, there was a sign that said, “Stay 2m away from each other! 2 meters is about the length of 20 clown fish!”


After our visit to the aquarium, we drove back to the hotel and enjoyed a nice time at the pool and the jacuzzi.

It had been a great day.

Question of the Post:

What is your favorite sea creature?

I hope you enjoyed the last post of 2020 in my blog, Life in Kyoto! Have a very Happy New Year!

Bye, and God bless!👋

P.S. In a few days, I will be announcing some new graphics for my blog. Stay in tune for that!

4 thoughts on “Okinawa Trip #3 ~5 Highlights of My Visit to An Aquarium~

  1. Hey Noah! Just wanted to pop on to say that I love your blog and are so proud of you as a fellow TCK that you are trying to share your life with others through writing. The aquarium looks cool! I like the way they did the social distancing signs – that’s funny.


  2. Whale sharks and jellyfish are so cool!! And I love hearing about the social distancing signs. XD Good for them, getting creative!


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