The New Designs and Graphics!!!!

At last, the time has come for me to announce and introduce to you the new graphics and designs landing in Life in Kyoto. All of them were made by me, and they are sure to make this blog a brighter place.

First, the header that has already changed behind the title of the blog. If you haven’t noticed it, here it is!

This design consists of five Japanese-y things: a swan made out of colored paper, sushi, Mount Fuji with a red sun behind it, a Japanese temple, and an uchiwa, which is a Japanese fan. I hope bluish background goes well with the new dark theme of the site.

Next up, the home page logo.

Here we have a red temple with mountains in the background, and the new tagline for my blog. This graphic will welcome those who enter the blog at first. 🙂

Next, the “About the Author” graphic:

The graphic that was there before, the pen on paper pic was a little too dull. I hope this new graphic lightens the mood.

After the intro/update at the start of the post, it’s nice to have a graphic to push the readers into the meat of the post. Though this image won’t be here always, it will be here occasionally, beginning the post in a Japanese-y fashion.

The graphic I made next is the Question Time graphic!

I started the habit of adding a question at the end of every post recently, in hopes of being able to have conversations with my readers. Though there hasn’t been many people answering the questions, I hope people do, and maybe this graphic will prompt people to (maybe not?).

Now, the last graphic I in the list!

This is my signature outro. Why not end the blog post with a beautiful sakura tree (cherry blossom)?

Most of these graphics will appear in my next post! Be looking out for that 🙂

Also, comment bellow what you think of the designs!

Bye, and God bless! 😉

4 thoughts on “The New Designs and Graphics!!!!

  1. I really like the updates you did for the graphics on your blog, Noah. I also think the dark theme is nice. Very gentle on the eyes in the early mornings. Well done! You have come so far in your blogging. Keep up the hard work!


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