Six Reasons I LOVE Japan

Hey all! As you probably know, I live in Kyoto, Japan. There are a ton of things I love about Kyoto and that I want to share with you. Here are six reasons I LOVE Japan!

#1: Nature

Japan has some truly amazing sites full of nature, glory, and beauty that I loved going to. Most of them I haven’t, and I cannot wait for the day when I can visit them. If you go to Japan, most definitely check out the sites with tons of nature, with things like momiji trees, cherry blossoms, bamboo trees, waterfalls, lakes, and mountains. You will not be disappointed. I promise you.

#2: Food

Food in Japan is really, really good. Most of them will take a bit of time to get used to, but it’s worth it. From the juicy white peaches to the refreshing sushis, delightful noodles of udon, and sizzling scrumptious yakiniku, Japan is full of amazing foods that I love.

#3: Safety

Japan is one of the top ten safest countries in the world, according to the Global Peace Index. You can safely leave a child unattended in most places, drop your wallet in the middle of the city and expect someone to bring it back to you, and guns are rarely ever seen or used by anyone. Japan is very safe. Probably one of the reasons is that the Japanese culture is a shame culture. People really care about what other people think of them and their family. Citizens keep each other in check, making sure they don’t slip up and embarrass them all. Most Japanese are also very cautious and polite, meaning they are not used to outward aggression and outward shows of anger.

#4: Cleanliness

Japan is really clean. Busy streets, toilets, train stations, parks, airports, you name it: many of them are very clean. Of course, there are also a lot of places in Japan that are dirty, but all in all it is a very clean country.

#5: Safe for Christians

With less than 1% of Japanese population being Christian, you would think that Christians would be looked down upon; persecuted, even. But Japan is legally open to all religions, including Christianity. There is very little persecution outside of social and family pressure. I feel safe saying I’m a Christian in public. But why is only 1% of Japan Christian? I looked into that a little here: 2 Reasons Why Japanese People are Hesitant about Christianity.

#6: There are some other reasons, like:

Amazing animals, transportation, weather, Kyoto, mountains, standard of living, kindness, and politeness.

And those are some of the reasons I love Japan! Hopefully you can go to Japan some time if you haven’t already, and experience the amazingness of the country!

What reasons here did you like the most? If you love Japan too, what’s your favorite part about it?

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