Why Corgis Are the Best Dog

Choose one: cats or dogs?

For me, the answer is a dominate: DOGS. I love dogs so much: they’re cute, athletic, friendly, and smart. But one dog breed scores the highest in my animal ratings: Corgis. These are adorable dogs with short legs, pudgy bodies, and faces that look so happy. I want one so badly!

They are too awesome to go without a post. So here it is: Why corgis I think are the best dog ever.

They’re always smiling

I want you to imagine that you had a really bad day. You’re sad, you’re down, and you plop down on your bed ready to cry. Then, suddenly, a fluffy ball of fur plops right down next to you. It nudges your cheek and you look up… and it’s smiling the most adorable smile, like: it’s sunny out! Cheer up! C’mon, let’s go play! You know, that would just make my day.

Their build is the cutest thing ever

Welsh corgi pembroke laying in a studio on white background

Corgis have short legs, a long body, tall ears, and a butt that wiggles when it walks. Adorable!

They’re smart

According to Diana Bruk from bestlifeonline.com, I taught [my corgi] how to play the shell game (in which you hide a little ball under three identical cups that are face-down and then shuffle them around and make so the player has to remember which one the ball is hiding under), and he wins two out of every three times. I’m pretty sure I could teach him chess if I really wanted to.

They are easy to train

I don’t own a corgi, so I just heard this, but apparently it’s true. As they are smart, they learn very quickly.

They are good with kids and other dogs

Corgis are generally very friendly and will get along with other dogs and kids very well.

Here’s a video full of awesome corgi moments:

Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h06sBu4FGoA


Corgis are the best dog ever and I want one really bad. Haha!

(sorry this one was such a short post!)

What is your favorite dog breed?

One thought on “Why Corgis Are the Best Dog

  1. Aww, so cute!! I have a Brittney spaniel/yellow lab mix, and he is the sweetest thing in the world! When he gets in trouble, he just sits all prim and proper and gives the ROUNDEST puppy-dog eyes I’ve ever seen!! XD

    My favorite dog breed is border collies. They’re so pretty and soft and bubbly!


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