21 Days of Thankfulness— Day #2: Writing

I am so thankful for the gift of writing. If no one could write, then it would be near impossible to go about our daily lives. There would be no books, no signs, no menus, no ads, no pamphlets.

Writing is a big way I express myself. I like to weave words and make them say what I want them to. I like to create art in the words that I choose, and carve paragraphs out of snatches of inspiration I get over the days. I would be so drained without the gift of writing.

Without writing, there would be no Bible, either! The Word of God is a huge way God communicates with us. Through it, we can learn about him, his love, his plans for us, and so much more (and this is not a clickbait ad to this marvelous work).

I cannot imagine a world without it, and that is why I am SO thankful for writing. Thank you God. ♥️

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