21 Days of Thankfulness— Day #4: Nature

Trees rustling. Wind whispering in your ears. Flowers waving their magnificent petals in the air, flashing colors of red, blue, pink, purple. You see a stream gushing downstream out of the corner of your eye. Birds chirp overhead in the light blue sky, stretching their multi-colored wings.

Nature is wonderful. And the best part about it? God made it all. I have no doubt when he created it, he was thinking of us too: how we would enjoy it; what blessings it would bring to us.

Have you ever learned that your friend likes to draw and you REALLY wanted to see the artwork? Well, I think nature is God’s art. His canvas is the universe. He’s the best artist ever, and we have a chance to experience it up close every single day.

Nature is also a way we can know God better. It’s hard not to be thankful when you stand in front of a vast landscape of trees, with a sunset behind it.

I love nature. Thank you God. 🙂

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