21 Days of Thankfulness— Day #11: Earth

You know the song, “He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands”? Well, it’s true. “He”, referring to God, really takes good care of this world in an intimate, incredible way. The earth is much more amazing than meets the eye. How is that even possible? Here’s how (if you didn’t already know).

The world is in the perfect distance from the sun. Any closer, and we would be way too hot. Well, actually we wouldn’t feel because we would already be human steaks. Any further, and we wouldn’t get the heat we need, and we would all freeze up. Next time you feel distressed about extreme temperatures, think about what the temperature would be if God didn’t care about us!

Next, the world’s gravity is really, really helpful. We would die without it. We would be floating into space and not having enough air to breath in. Before we could say our first word, we would already be drifting toward death!

The earth also has magnetism, protecting us from the sun’s deadly flares. Besides that, many, many things prove that God has compassion on the earth. We have water to drink, plants to eat, an atmosphere in which we can breathe in, and heck, the world is beautiful.

I’m so thankful for this Earth, and how He sustains it and makes it an amazing place to live in. Thank you God!

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