21 Days of Thankfulness— Day #14: YWW

YWW, short for “The Younger Writer’s Workshop”, is a place where young, aspiring writers can hone their craft, learn about writing, and talk with other writers. I joined here about two years ago (I think!), and it’s been a huge blessing to my life. Ever since the age of seven (or eight?) I’ve wanted to become an author. I’ve loved making stories the whole way, but I only started to get pretty serious about it when I joined YWW. There, I learned a ton (and I’m still learning!), made new friends, and finished my first full-length novel.

I haven’t really been active recently, but I want to start doing so. YWW is an amazing place and if you or someone wants to be a writer, I definitely recommend it. Look here for more information: https://theyoungwriter.com/workshop-students

Also I wrote a post about it before: https://lifeinkyoto.home.blog/2020/01/26/the-young-writers-workshop-is-open/

I love YWW. Thank you God!

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