21 Days of Thankfulness— Day #16: Color

Two worlds.

First one. Gray. Dull. Boring. Flowers are gray. Birds are black. People are dull and lifeless. Rainbows are just hazy lines of mist in the distance.

The other world?

Red. Cardinals. Roses. Flickering fires. Bubbling lava. Luscious strawberries.

Orange. Autumn trees, leaves flickering and dancing. Sunsets, reflecting off glimmering oceans.

Yellow. Sunflowers. Baby chicks. Lemons. Sticky, sweet honey.

Green. Mountains. Trees. Intricate leaves, veins growing in the half-transparent surface.

Blue. Oceans. Peacocks. Blue butterflies. Blue eyes, glowing with life.

Indigo. Blueberries. Purple. Lavender flowers. Pink. Sakura blossoms.

Color. This world is so full of color. What would we do without it?

Thank you God. 🙂

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