The ABC’s of Japan

Hello, all! I’ve recently been inactive on my blog and while I was thinking of what to post, I thought of this. Hope you enjoy!

A is for Asakusa, a district in Tokyo famous for the Kaminarimon

B is for Baikin-Man, a villain in a popular kid’s show, Anpanman.

C is for Chann. Girls are often called ~chann.

D is for Doraemonn. One of the most famous characters in Japanese manga/anime history.


E is for Edogawa Conan. Also famous, Conan is an anime character: a detective.

F is for

G is for Ganbare. There’s really no word for this in English, but you say it when you want to cheer someone on.

H is for Haru: Spring. My favorite season. ☺️

I is for Ichiro Suzuki. A super famous Japanese baseball player that you might know too.

J is for JAXA. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.

K is for Kara-age. Japanese fried chicken— super delicious!

L is for Lemon. A song that was super popular in Japan a couple years ago, by Yonezu Kenshi. You can listen to it here:

M is for Momiji. Trees that are all too beautiful in autumn.

N is for Nintendo. A game creator in Japan and the maker of Super Mario, among other games.

O is for Onsen, Japanese hotspring.

P is for Papurika. This is a song that was very popular in 2020 (you can listen to it here:

Q is for Qoo, a beverage in Japan.

R is for Ramen. Super delicious noodles!

getty images

S is for Shougi. People call this Japanese chess. It’s a chess-like game with flat pieces and words engraved in them.

T is for takoyaki— octopus balls. It doesn’t sound as good as it looks/tastes! ↓↓↓

U is for Udon. Soft, white noodle soup.

V is for vending machine. There are so many vending machines in Japan! See my post about it here:

W is for (O)Warai. Japanese Comedy.

X is for X-Japan, a super famous rock band group that broke up a while ago.

Y is for Yen, the Japanese currency.

Z is for Zen Garden. There are many zen gardens in Japan, and they are absolutely stunning:


And that’s it! Thank you so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it. And sorry for being so inactive recently!

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