My Favorite Olympic Medals That Japan Got in Tokyo 2020

The Tokyo Olympics, which ended in August 8th, was a wundrous flourish of action, emotion, and excitement. Many won medals, fought to the end, and celebrated their victories. Now, the curtain will be opened to the Paralympics, which will begin in August 24th.

Team Japan had a very good record of medals in this olympics. In fact, they achieved more medals than they ever have before in any Olympics. It would be wrong not to showcase these amazing feats. So without further ado, here are my favorite medals of all of the medals that Japan got.

Table Tennis

MIZUTANI Jun / ITO MimaTTEMixed Doubles1
JapanTTEWomen’s Team2
JapanTTEMen’s Team3
ITO MimaTTEWomen’s Singles3

Mizutani Jun / Ito Mima, mixed doubles, Gold medal

In a heated battle against two of China’s best players, the Japanese pair won and achieved the first table tennis gold medal for their country. Ever since table tennis became an olympic sport, China has always crushed the rankings, almost always winning gold and (usually) silver. For Japan to win their first gold medal and defeat China at their best sport was a huge achievement. Watching the match was a true thrill.

Ito Mima, women’s singles, Bronze Medal

Ito Mima, who also won the gold medal above, won the bronze (Japan’s first women’s singles medal) in July 29th. She also went on to win silver in the women’s groups, becoming a star for the Japanese table tennis world.



Team Japan, Gold Medal

Japan knocked out Team USA in both baseball and softball, landing their first gold medal in baseball. These were big wins for Japan, not only because they won gold but because they beat such a strong and practiced team, not even allowing a single point from the American squad in either game.


WOLF AaronJUDMen -100 kg1
TAKATO NaohisaJUDMen -60 kg1
ABE HifumiJUDMen -66 kg1
ONO ShoheiJUDMen -73 kg1
NAGASE TakanoriJUDMen -81 kg1
SONE AkiraJUDWomen +78 kg1
ABE UtaJUDWomen -52 kg1
ARAI ChizuruJUDWomen -70 kg1
HAMADA ShoriJUDWomen -78 kg1
TONAKI FunaJUDWomen -48 kg2
JapanJUDMixed Team2
YOSHIDA TsukasaJUDWomen -57 kg3

Judo, probably Japan’s strongest sport, was where they got the most medals, snatching TWELVE of them. Nine golds, two silvers, and one bronze. They also got their record for the most judo golds ever.


HASHIMOTO DaikiGARMen’s All-Around1
HASHIMOTO DaikiGARMen’s Horizontal Bar1
JapanGARMen’s Team2
KAYA KazumaGARMen’s Pommel Horse3
MURAKAMI MaiGARWomen’s Floor Exercise3

Hashimoto Daiki won gold in two consecutive events (Men’s All-around and Horizontal Bar), leading Team Japan in a five medal finish.


Skateboarding: Japan took home three golds and an overall count of five medals, leading the world in skateboarding medals.

Basketball: The women’s basketball team made it all the way to the finals, losing to USA, but securing a silver medal.

Swimming: Japan won 3 medals total and Ohashi Yui won two consecutive golds.

I hope you enjoyed the Tokyo 2020 Olympics just as much as I did! What were your favorite medals?

Thank you for reading! God bless!

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