My New Posting Schedule

Hello, guys! Welcome to Life In Kyoto, my basically inactive blog.

Yep. That’s right. Even though I used to post once a week, juicy in content about Japan, culture, my life, and more, now (sadly) this blog has not been active at all. Amidst my promises of more posts, (besides for the occasional half-hearted burst of short posts) nothing has come from that.

I’ve attempted to push myself to post once a week or at least as much as I could, but after maybe a year of that, I’ve finally come to this conclusion. I need to give myself some freedom. If this blog is causing me stress, I shouldn’t bother with it. (Disclaimer: I’m still gonna continue the blog, don’t freak out)

I started this blog when I was eleven or twelve. My life was mainly focused on writing. Because of my generous homeschooling schedule, I had the time to regularly write blog posts and type up long chapters in my novel. I didn’t have many responsibilities or a busy schedule.

Three years later, as a fourteen year old, my life has changed. Ever since becoming a junior high-school student (in the Japanese curriculum) and a high-school student (in the American curriculum), my schedule has been much more cramped. Not busy busy, but I don’t have the time to belt out 1000+ words a day like I used to. Also, frankly, my productivity level has decreased. I used to focus on writing, but now that I’m focusing more on other things, my mental energy isn’t ready for thousands of words a day.

But I still want to continue the blog. I don’t care if no one sees my posts (which is likely). I need to keep a deadline, to be responsible. And I have fun! Writing in this blog and interacting with you amazing readers has been awesome.

So here’s the final line: I will be posting monthly on the 1st day of every month. It’s not too much work, but it’s enough. I might also post more than once a month, but you can check in on the start of each month to see any new content. 🙂

I hope to see you in my future blog posts!

God bless, guys!


5 thoughts on “My New Posting Schedule

  1. Hey, Noah, I missed hearing from you! Frankly, I was a little jelly of how much writing you used to do, because I used to be able to use every spare minute writing too. But, now we are both growing up and finding that the responsibility and effort we have to put into maintaining daily chores, school, and such are not conducive to high level hobbies. I encourage you, however, not to give up on your love for writing, even if it’s just in your head.


  2. This married Christian homeschooling father of four is a fan of your blog. Look forward to your monthly report. With best regards from Shizuoka prefecture.


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