Guess What?

It all started when my family and I were cycling on a nearby trail. After about fifteen minutes of pedaling on the slick asphalt, we stopped at a park to take a break. We got some water and food, and hung out there for a little. And that was when my mom took out her iPhone and informed me that she had got pictures from the dog breeder.

Before you get confused, let me back up a little. We’d been thinking about getting a puppy for over a year, but it had never been more than a dream. We did scour the internet for dogs we could get from shelters, bought dog training books, and looked up dog breed after dog breed, searching for the dog that would be the best one for us. But it actually started getting real when we contacted a papillon breeder, and told her to inform us when the new litter of puppies came in.

However, the talk about the puppy slowed after that. We were starting to realize having a dog was going to be hard in our small house. My mom got a half-time job— she said that about then, she had given up on the puppy.

But the day we went on the bike ride, on our fall break, we finally got word that the puppies were ready to go.

And they were adorable. We were all in love with them from the moment we saw them. We had to get them.

Then, the dog breeder told us the price. Roughly 2500 dollars. That’s pretty normal for a dog here, but it was clear we had to save up a lot of cash.

We came back from the bike ride and continued to contact the breeder, asking her questions and gaining information about the puppies. We were all in to get a puppy, but the price was still an issue.

Well, at least it was an issue until she told us about one of the puppies that she was giving out for free. The poor little puppy had half of one of his back legs accidentally bitten off by his mother when she was trying to gnaw off the umbilical cord coiled around his body, so they were giving him away for no money.

From the moment we saw him, we knew: he was the one for us.

That was one month ago. After 30 days of waiting, preparing, staring at the pictures, and buying dog products, we are now only four days away from getting our pup (currently: November 30th).

The puppy (who we named Louis) is so adorable, and I know me and my family will have a blast getting to know him and his personality.

I love you already and I can’t wait to meet you, Louis!

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