The Lost and the Found

I hate how far the world has fallen. How opposed our society is to God. They push away his love. They flee from the verses that reveal their sin. They abhor the idea of a creator. They reject his cross. They cackle at the idea of heaven.

God reaches out to them, but they bat His hand down. They make memes about nonexistent errors in the Bible. They hate the idea of Him existing and dub it a fairy tale (and embrace a theory that everything came from a condensed dot of matter which was put there by an alien.)

(Research it; some prestigious evolutionist professors really believe this. People would rather embrace an extraterrestrial than God.)

They call the Bible “an old, outdated book”. They call it unreliable. Fake. Laughable. Sexist. Homophobic. Racist. Stupid.

It is unbelievable how such an overwhelming ocean of Goodness can be hated so, so much. Why in the world is Christianity hated more than Islam, where some extremists become terrorists? And also the religion that is the most sexist? Not that Muslims should be hated, but why Christianity? Why?


The truth is that we Christians would ALL do the same, were we not called by God. We would ALL hate the Name of God. We would ALL run from the conviction of our sin. Our human nature craves the world and hates the Word, as it says in Romans 3:10-11 (ESV): “None is righteous, no, not one; no one understands; no one seeks for God.” 

The ONLY thing that can help them to see the Truth is Jesus. Only His salvation, His guidance, and His spirit can save them.

If nothing is done, society will continue to soak in an evil blackness.

However, God is a powerful God. He has an amazing plan for this world. And he calls us to join in his mission (Mark 16:15). We can share the Gospel with our unbelieving friends. Pray for them. Pray hard. They need it. God can help us to be beacons of light in our community, leading the lost to the right road.

The Bible says that there will be believers of all nations, tribes, peoples, and languages worshiping God in heaven. I cannot wait for that day. 🙂

(Also I hope you didn’t mind the serious style in this post. I just really felt like talking about this.)

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