Wait, what?

When my family and I were traveling to Toyama for a camping trip on our summer vacation this year, we never could have expected what happened at the camping site.

It all began when we were within 15 minutes of the site. We saw an old firetruck, blaring its siren and traveling down the road— toward the mountains. Then, a few minutes later, another firetruck. Then an ambulance. When we zoomed through the mountains and into the campsite, we spotted another ambulance, lights flashing, parked in front of a field in the campsite. The field is huge; about the size of two football fields, which will be relevant later. Two doctors stood by it, looking anxiously up at the sky for some reason.

We thought it was kind of weird, but we registered, then started setting up our tent, tarp, and all our camping equipment on the other side of the field, where the campers had their tents out.

At some point, as we were setting everything up, my dad asked me to walk our dog Louie (who, by the way, is still as adorable as ever)

As I was walking him, I noticed a helicopter overhead, which went from above the campgrounds to deep into the forest. I saw the doctors in front of the ambulance, who were still there, pointing at the helicopter and talking to each other. At that point, I made a prediction of what would happen next. I told my brother, but he didn’t think it was likely.

However, my prediction proved to be accurate. Just about 10 minutes later, the helicopter appeared again, and this time it was traveling down, closer, toward the field. The chopper proceeded to come closer and closer until it landed on the field. The people in the helicopter unboarded a person, put him on a stretcher, and carried him to the ambulance. You see, because the field was so big, it was the perfect landing spot for it.

Seeing a rescue helicopter in action was a very cool and rare experience. I do not know what actually happened to the person, but I hope he is healthy and safe right now.

Here are some pictures of the experience:

In this picture, you can see the helicopter lowering to the ground. In the distance, you can see the ambulance and the two doctors outside of it.
The doctors carrying the person on a stretcher to the ambulance

I hope you enjoyed hearing about this exciting experience. I hope to see you on my next blog post. Bye, and God bless!


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