Top Five Magical-looking Locations


One of the best words to describe Japan is “magical”. Japan has many breath-taking scenes and places,. Today I want to share with you some of the most magical ones.

1. Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji by some cherry blossoms.

Mt. Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan. Except for 90 days of the year, the mountain peak is covered with angel-colored snow.

A famous painter named Katsushika Hokusai painted a series of paintings called “36 views of Mt. Fuji” from 1830 – 1832 when he was in the peak of his carrier. Each painting shows different styles and views of Fuji in different angels, places, and seasons.

“The Wave”

2. Arashiyama Bamboo Groove

The day this blog was launched, the picture above, a picture of the bamboo groove in Arashiyama, located in Kyoto, was the thumbnail. I can’t stress how much I like this place. The green, swaying trees carry beautiful light into your eyes when you look into the forest. All of the trees seem to be reaching for the heavens. Just standing in the middle of the road gives you relaxation.

3. Nara Deer Park

The prefecture of Nara borders Kyoto, so I have gone to this place a few times. And there are deer wherever you look! They are completely wild but they have been half-tamed by all of the tourists.

It looks like all of the animals were dropped there by some kind of portal, but the people there have actually brought and kept them in the park because they believe the deers are “messengers of the gods”.

Though the sight of these cute creatures is pleasant, it makes me sad that the people look toward mere animals instead of the creator God who loves them.

4. Blue Pond

The the

I mentioned this in my post about Hokkaido but this is one of the most beautiful places not only in Hokkaido but in Japan as well. When I first saw a photograph of it, the shining blue water and the straight trees made me think it was a painting from a fantasy picture book.


So, what did you think of all of these places? Would consider visiting some of them if you go to Japan? Do you know another “magical” place in Japan? If so, comment bellow!

Bonus: My dad’s favorite place is Toyako.

The place we stayed at previously was right next to here!

Trip Update!

I apologize, but I can only share a little bit of our adventures today.

On Sunday, we went to an air show. We saw helicopters demonstrate how to rescue someone, the US Navy airplanes fly through the air at a remarkable speed, and air team called the Blue Impulse do all sorts of cool tricks.

We also got to visit the hotel where the G8 Summit was held in 2008! I was surprised at the price of everything there.

Well, that’s it for today! Bye and God bless!

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