Entering a New Season

My siblings and I have been homeschooled our whole lives. We haven’t spent a day in kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, or high school. We’ve learned through textbooks, online resources, and directly from our parents. In Japan, being a homeschooler is an unusual thing that many people are not familiar with. The blank stare is… Read More Entering a New Season

I Got An Award!

Last year I decided to enter an annual contest in Kyoto called the Children’s Reading Bookmark Competition. It is a contest that chooses the best bookmarks made by kids. These bookmarks must be designed based off of a book that they like.  The winners have the opportunity to have their bookmarks exhibited around Kyoto in… Read More I Got An Award!

Guess What?

It all started when my family and I were cycling on a nearby trail. After about fifteen minutes of pedaling on the slick asphalt, we stopped at a park to take a break. We got some water and food, and hung out there for a little. And that was when my mom took out her… Read More Guess What?