Small Changes in the Blog (Widgets)

Hello! I’m Noah, the person who runs, designs, schedules, comments, and writes on this blog, Life in Kyoto. If you are reading this post, you are either a subscriber, a friend or relative of mine, a person that knew of my blog through shares on social media posts, or a person who found this post while just scrolling through other blog posts. If you were a person who came to this blog for the first time, welcome! Our small community here hopes you will stay.

Now, onto the point. The main thing I wanted to talk about is about some changes in the widgets I made to the blog. Widgets are the things you see in the sidebar, like the category slide and the search bar.

First, I changed the simple “follow” button, to a sign up space where you can get emails for each post I have, even if you aren’t a WordPress user. There have been countless people who wanted to follow my content but wasn’t a user, so I attached that.

For the second change, I knew someone who couldn’t see the second layer on her iPad, where the follow button happened to be. So, I moved everything to only one sidebar layer!

Comment bellow if you’re still having problems with the site, and what you think about the current situation!

See you for now!

9 thoughts on “Small Changes in the Blog (Widgets)

    1. I don’t think so! I’m pretty sure the content will still be on the “WordPress Reader” thing, but if there are problems, contact me.

      Where did you find out about this post?


      1. Ok, so you are not starting a real email list with MailChimp? Got it.

        In my email, but it was the WordPress automatic email thing. (Though I did subscribe before I started using WordPress.)

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